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Country Spain

Style Hard Rock

The story of TARZEN is a story of friendship, amistad, amicizia, amitié. It’s the story of three friends: Danny, Salva and Michel. From the moment they met, it was like they’d known each other since childhood, and, altough in the case of Danny and Michel it was physically true, Salva became the third brother instantly.

In a few years together, they went through what would normally take decades in others. Danny was lured to Madrid by some peripheral Spanish music scene people in 1984. They were handling a local band called BANZAI, and had just got them signed to WEA. The idea was to add an international appeal to the band with the addition of the founder member of the HEAVY METAL KIDS and original keyboard player/vocalist with legendary british rockers UFO. A meeting was arranged at a central Madrid hotel between Danny and Salvador Dominguez, leader of the band. They hit it off like a house on fire. Everything was simply right.

They didn’t even need to play to know it would be great. .. And it was. The people behind BANZAI had gone after Danny as a guest star who could help propel the band on to the World stage. To this end, he contributed also by writing English lyrics to a number of songs on the band’s album, “Duro Y Potente”, recorded at Mediterraneo Studios in Ibiza. Most importantly, he spent long hours coaching the lead singer with pronounciation.

As far as Danny was concerned, and although he liked the band and enjoyed working with the excellent musicians involved, it was Salva who had become his partner in crime his brother. Promises of 200+ concerts in the first year alone had been a key part of the strategy to attract Danny.

A prospect more than enticing for bringing up his young family, and an environment which suited him perfectly. The lifestyle in Madrid at the time of “La Movida” made most other big World capitals pale in comparison! The people were friendly and warm, he of course spoke the language and he wanted his lady and six-year old son to learn it too. Of course, as these things so often do, the reality didn’t quite live up to the impresario’s promises and the total number of concerts was reduced to 12.

During all that free time, Danny had set up a little rehearsal studio in his home, and the band’s gear would normally be stored in his property. During all that free time, Danny’s brother Michel arrived in Madrid to promote his solo album, “A Toda Makina”. Michel’s meeting with Salva, predictably, followed Danny’s almost exactly, and before they even knew it, the three were jammin’ away. The result was unbelievable.

Danny had always been used to writing either alone, or co-writing with Ronnie Thomas, Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg, Rick Fenn, etc. This time, the songs were just forming naturally as they played all that was left was to put words to them. It was a totally fun way of doing things each of their playing was so naturally in tune with the others, that it was an easy, open and shut thing.

– Tarzen [1985]
– Madrid [1989]


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