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Country Sweden

Style AOR

R-5929698-1413133547-8584TALK OF THE TOWN evolved from a band known as Scadinavian Dynamite back in 1987. When the singer Thomas Vikström (Brazen Abbot, Stormwind, Candlemass, Therion) joined in 1988 so they changed band name to The Talk Of The Town.

Scadinavian Dynamite participated in the competition Storstadsrock/Big city rock at the same time as my former band Ocragon – at that time a loving or hating Motley Crue influenced bunch. Scadinavian Dynamite won the competition. Being a really bad loser I tried to forget about the band as quickly as possible.

The next time the name Scadinavian Dynamite popped up, was when they asked me to be their new vocalist. We went to record a demotape in the Thunderload studios, owned by Ragne and Styrbjorn – known from the cult-band Heavy Load.

Obviously a success, the demo made it possible for us to sign a contract with the first company we talked to. Me and Antonio had started taking over the songwriting and came out as the spokesmen of the band, by now called TALK OF THE TOWN. We recorded our first album in Glen Studios in Stockholm.

“Free Like an Eagle” was chosen as the first single, something I personally didn’t agree with. The song was written in a moment of panic, just to fill the album. After some time my attitude towards the song was proven wrong. “Free Like an Eagle” sold gold and the album went nearly as high in sales.

We went on tour and did everything included in tour life (except drugs) – and we might very well have left some babies with poodle haircuts behind us. We were really young and coming back from touring, the band ended up in a void we never managed to break free from. Me and Antonio kept writing songs, good ones, but we never managed to recapture the spirit and hunger we had felt when touring.

Seeing other opportunities I left the band. 1990 the band split up but Vikström and Salvena recruited when Johan Kullberg (Lion’s Share, Therion) on drums, Joachim Uddling (Suzzies Orchestra) on keyboards and bassist Staffan Linder and in 1991 they released a compilation of demos named “Reach for the Sky”.

In 1992 Vikström jumped of the band and instead, somewhat surprisingly, to record an album with Swedish doom-rockers Candlemass and also released a solo album that same year. He was replaced by Conny Lind (State Of Mind) but the band closed down only a year later.

In 1999 the band started working on a brand new album, with some changes in their line up.  titled “The Ways Of The World” released a year later from Point Music. This time with guitarist and producer Tommy Denander as the driving force of the band.


– Talk Of The Town [1988]
– Reach For The Sky [1998]
– The Ways Of The World [2000]

Thomas Vikström

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