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Country USA

Style Melodic Rock / Classic Rock

Guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Mary Letchworth and drummer/songwriter/vocalist Tess Jackson began their musical partnership in 1995 and formed Society’s Child in 1996. ‘Guitar powered, melody driven rock songs’ describes the music written by Letchworth & Jackson. The songs begin with a solid foundation of rock & blues, and occasionally explore other styles such as country and funk. Layered with emotional lyrics and infectious melodies, this duo have an amazing blend of contrasting vocal styles which harmonize beautifully and captivate audiences. They have been described as “capturing that distinctive Bay Area Sound” and is reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Heart and Fleetwood Mac.

“Tempting Fate” is their first full length album, released in Sept of 2000. The CD started out as a 6 song “EP”. They recorded 6 songs at CRI Studios in San Francisco in late ’98 and rough mixed 2 of them. Couldn’t find a decent engineer, so the project sat. No money, so they worked a lot of long gigs doing covers to earn it. They decided to make it full length and recorded 6 more songs at Walford Studio in Cotati. Through Mark Randall (rhythm guitar, Nov. ’96-Jan. ’02), they hooked up with David Freiberg at Free Mountain Studios in Novato, CA to mix/produce. What a blessing they found in David! This CD gave them lots of opportunity to really expand on backing vocals and additional instrumentation like keyboards to layer the sound and capture the mood. Unfortunately, a live show doesn’t always allow them to do everything they’d like. The songs span a 13-year period highlighting them as individual songwriters coming together as one to bring the songs to life.

“Thanks for Playing” is their follow-up release and features their versions of the Janis Joplin/Big Brother classic “Piece of My Heart” and The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”. They kept “Piece” as true to the original as possible, but “Eleanor” has a completely different sound. Also included will be the showstopper “Don’t Let Go”. Their newest songs “Breathe” (versions v1 and v2), “Everything” (the first collaborative work by Mary & Tess), “Again” and “If I Could” are also included. The new songs feature Tess on acoustic guitar and Paul Soules on bass (except Breathe v1). Since they were looking for a new bassist during the recording in April 2001, they decided to lay the bass tracks ourselves – Mary on “Piece”; Tess on both “Don’t Let Go” & “Breathe” (v1), and Mark Randall on “Eleanor”. They enjoyed being stretched in a different direction and putting our skills to the test (and Miss M. kicks ass on “Piece”!). They’re currently adding new songs to the album. (*Mark Randall = rhythm guitar, Nov. ’96-Jan. ’02). “3” is Society’s Child’s third release that came out in 2015.

– Tempting Fate [2000]
– Thanks For Playing [2004]
– 3 [2015]

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