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Country German

Style Hard Rock

We got together to put the ROLL back into ROCK, if you know what that means. We do not try to reinvent Rock ‘n’ Roll music. This is real heavy rock ‘n’ roll music! We got together to put the ROLL back into ROCK, if you know what that means. We do not try to reinvent Rock ‘n’ Roll music. This is real heavy rock ‘n’ roll music! This was and is undisputedly the motto of a band which – measured by the constant quality of their releases – has been one of the best rock bands in our German lands for some time now. At the beginning, however, nothing indicates this development. Jim Voxx, who has made a name for himself as a producer, lives in New York and has long been looking for an expressive vocalist for a band in the New York – New Jersey Area that manages to create music in the style of old AC / DC or MC5 songs to breathe life. To his own surprise, he finds this singer in person of Nina C. Alice just in Berlin.

The singer can already look back on a certain history. So she not only sat in a punk band behind the drums, played under the direction of her mother in the successful play “Hurengespräche” (Heinrich Zille) and in various underground films and sang in a duet with Udo Lindenberg on a record where also a certain Marlene Dietrich had her last public appearance. Your real plan is to eventually land at the musical.
However, they convince the songs of Jim so much that she lays the foundation for Skew Siskin with him. Incidentally, this is the English name for ‘weird bird’. Their first CD they take on their own as the same name debut. This arrives on several detours on the desk of a Boston musician who plays it in the hands of the US company Giant. The show themselves enthusiastic and take the Berlin under contract. Skew Siskin relocate temporarily to Los Angeles, releasing the CD in late ’92. Not only in the States but also in Europe, the album goes down well and Skew Siskin tours together with Black Sabbath the United States up and down. This is followed by more shows with Exodus and own headlining club gigs. Two years later, the head of Giant Records decides to manage the reunion of the Eagles and makes his label tight.

Although Skew Siskin are temporarily without a deal, but not without new ideas because the seed was sown and bore fruit. In Germany, they make a few laps as guests of Accept and are spontaneously invited in late 2003, 3 days before the first show, for 4 gigs in the opening act of Motörhead. Their boss Lemmy is enthusiastic about Skew Siskin and visited the band in 1994 for the first time in their Berlin Monongostudio and even goes to the songwriting to the next record on hand. The time until the next record deal is shortened Skew Siskin with various own tours and the recording of new songs and find a new home at Gun Records. “Electric Chair Music” confirms the good impression of the debut and comes in the limited first edition even as a double album with the bonus disc “Voices From The War”. There are nine additional songs to listen to and even a duet with Lemmy.

In 1998, Motörhead take her on a tour of Europe at the invitation of her manager. When Skew Siskin leave the stage after their set during the first gig in Stuttgart and the second official opener plays, the audience turns completely and demands the Berlin back. No question that the next day Skew Siskin appear as the last band before Motörhead. During this tour, the band will receive a fax from the Alice Cooper manager inviting them to tour Alice Cooper right after the Motorhead tour, which they naturally will not refuse.

The third album “What The Hell” will be released at the end of 1999, and as soon as it hits the market, the drummer disintegrates. But since “Spinal Tab” knows that drummers sometimes explode, they immediately hired a replacement. With a session drummer on tour with Saxon. In the breaks between the tours you meet in the studio to recorden new songs. Nina also follows an invitation from Motörhead and goes on tour with her to sing the song “Born To Raise Hell” with Lemmy, who actually wrote for Skew Siskin, as a special guest every night.

In 2001, Nina and Jim decide to let the band temporarily rest in order to cover other artists, such as Udo Lindenberg to write songs. However, they did it without Lemmy, who had his manager ringing Nina one night in 2002 to tell her that she would regroup in order to move through England with Anthrax and Motörhead in six days. One does not contradict a Mr. Kilmister and with the help of drummer Stefan Schwartzmann (Accept), who just happened to have time, it actually starts again a short time later. Stefan plays a new album before he complies with Helloween his other obligations. Although “Album Of The Year” carries a cocky title, but is meant as the very personal album of the year because the band despite oblique circumstances and in no time can finish the CD and the disc rocks again as well. The CD will be released at the end of 2003 and by September 2004 Skew Siskin are touring Europe for several tours and festivals.

After a great show at the Olympia in Paris, however, Nina breaks down and is condemned by the doctors to a 1 ½ year break. So they start only at the end of of 2006 with the work on a new disk, which listens to the name “Peace Breaker”. At the end of 2007, the CD will be released for the first time on its own label in Germany, and in 2008 it is in agreement with various distributors for the international releases. In 2009, Nina sings together with Stefan Weidner (Böhse Uncle) a duet on Stefan’s first solo LP “Der W”. The song is titled “Please kill me” and gives Nina her first golden record for 100,000 CDs sold. Promke receives Skew Siskin from Stefan Weidner an invitation to support him on his first own very successful tour of Germany.

In 2010, just as the preparations for another CD start in their own Berlin Monongo studio, the band receives various messages from various US radio stations with the request for interviews and sending various songs. Without the band’s knowledge, radio listeners from various US cities have chosen Skew Siskin in the top 10 of their radio stations’ audience charts. The internet makes it possible. After several radio interviews that culminate in a ½-hour radio special of the powerful channel Classic Rock NY, the band records that they have sold nearly 10,000 CD’s in the US alone. This in turn triggers a feedback back to Europe and an offer from the mighty English agency “The Agency” as a special guest together with Saxon to contest the Motorhead European tour is the result. As you know, this tour is postponed due to illness of Motörhead Mainman Lemmy at the end of 2014. Immediately after the cancellation, Skew Siskin Messages reach out to fans from all over Europe asking if it is not possible to see the band in a club in their respective city. Then you spontaneously decide to comply and is just about to put together a longer headlining tour throughout Europe. In addition, the release of a new Skew Siskin CD is scheduled for the second half of 2014.

– Skew Siskin [1992]
– Electric Chair Music [1996]
– Voices from the War [1996]
– What the Hell [1999]
– Album of the Year [2003]
– Peace Breaker [2007]
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