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Country USA

Style Sleazy Hard Rock

Sick Mind wasn’t always the monster of rock that it is today. After the dissolution of several bands, guitarist Felix Skiver searched all of New Jersey for bandmates with dedication and talent. He found that in another guitarist, Andrew Saul. Together, they formed the bones of the band. Skiver then brought in bassist Jon Arban from a previous band, and drummer AJ Jones through knowledge of his drumming skill. Sick Mind wasn’t complete yet though, they needed their powerful, charismatic frontman.

They found this in longtime friend of Skiver and Jon, Dominic Noviello.With this, Sick Mind started drilling out songs with Heavy Metal power, catchy hooks, and blistering guitar solos. Working their way through the New Jersey scene, they’ve amassed a dedicated following of hundreds, and those numbers are only going to grow.After a falling out with drummer AJ Jones, it was within the band’s best interest to invest time in searching for a new drummer.

With no cold blood between them, AJ gracefully resigned to make room for Zakk DuBois, a hardcore from Nashville, Tennessee, who drove hundreds of miles just to be reunited with Dirty Jersey’s Rock n’ Roll scene. Bringing a fresh shot of adrenaline to the sounds of Sick Mind, they are slowly crawling their way out of the shadows and onto the marquees of big name venues.With each band member having different influences ranging from 70’s rock, to 80’s metal, to 90’s alternative, and 00’s hardcore and sleaze, Sick Mind is a melting pot of the best music from the best decades of music!

They’re a band that only cares about bringing back real hard rock and heavy metal. Don’t bother with all of those soundalike “modern rock” excuses for music. Sick Mind is what it is, a Sleazy Rock N’ Roll band that’s putting the rockstars back in rock!

– Nothing Bad Happens, Ever [2012]

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