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Country Austria

Style Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Sextiger is an Austrian metal / hard rock band, which is a Drahdiwaberl side project, founded in 1983 by Chris Bauer. The trademark of Sextiger are the “Tigerladies” who dance to the music at each concert with bodies completely painted with tiger pattern. As with Drahdiwaberl, the cast of the band and the actors change frequently.

In 1983, as part of the annual Drahdiwaberl-Schulschlussfest, a project called Sextiger was created, which was actually called into being for an imaginary “talent show”. However, since the project Sextiger arrives so well to the public, Chris Bauer decides to transform the project into a solid band. The concept of the band at the beginning is only to act as support for some groups in Austria in order to gain prominence. Already in the first years the cast changes very often except for the guitarists. The band released the first volume in the summer of 1986 in the form of a single called Marianne – Hasse me. Sextigers made their first and only chart success in 1987, the single Tears of Pain made it to # 6 on the Ö3 Austrocharts. In 1991 Sextigers played together with other well-known groups such as Böhse Onkelz in the Vienna Messepalast. The appearance of Sextiger is immortalized in the form of a VHS Too Hot to Handle. The first CD of Sextiger is published under the name No Poodles 1994. Her first international appearances were in 1995 in Hollywood and London. The band played as support for KISS, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, UFO and Status Quo.

After a long break, Sextiger returns years later in the form of an Austria tour to collect material for their first live CD, which will be released in the summer of 2003. At the end of 2005 they are working on a new album, which also contains German texts. Their fifth album is called Paws ‘N’ Stripes and was released in spring 2006. Starting in February 2008, work on their new album Kill the Bunny, which should have been published in the same year, but the publication was postponed to mid-2010.

Since 2009 Chris Bauer is also busy with many other projects, including: a. the Rocktiger Rehearsal Studios and the Rocktiger Café in Vienna. In September 2013, the new album “KIll the Bunny” was released.

– Bad Boys of Rock n Roll [1989]
– No Poodles [1994]
– Paws ‘n’ Stripes [2006]
– Kill the Bunny [2013]

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