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Country Denmark

Style Melodic Rock/AOR/Pop/Rock


Sanne Salomonsen is a notable Danish singer. She has been performing since 1975, and various songs by her band Sneakers were on the charts continuously from 1979 to 1985. She was also a member of the Anne Linnet Band. Last we heard from Sanne was in 2009, when she released Unico , which appeared after an involuntary break of some years. There was a new collection of personal songs that appeal equally well to pop by to rock the audience . Unico (2009) is the overall title at Sally’s comeback album from Taxi has become one of the biggest hits of his career with tremendous support from the country’s radio stations. The rousing rock song has also Sanne a solid hit as a ringtone , and reportedly it is not only hyrevogsnchauffører who download it !

Unico is Sally’s first album since The Album in 2005 and the first with new Danish -language songs since 1996. Precisely her return to the mother tongue has been high on the wish list of many fan club , few can as Sanne kicking life in the Danish language , whether is on record, or when she appears .

It has always been. She is – if any – the people’s singer in Denmark and almost synonymous with the female voice in Danish rock : Often imitated , never surpassed. Sanne always gives himself 100 percent , because it means something to every single one that solves ticket to one of her concerts , also goes away happy afterwards. In this way , she is a girl of the old school : She has respect for his audience , and she has respect for his craft , the music, which she has served since she went to school in Holte, north of Copenhagen in late 1960 s .

Sannes fuel is an incredible musical curiosity. She simply can not help but to try new things . If she were not offered challenges , she seeks them . From she just 15-16 years old in 1971 starred in contemporary popular rock musicals like Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar , to her in the beginning of 2009 working on new , Danish -language songs to the CD Unico , which was her first recordings after being away from the music in small three years. Sanne have tried almost everything : Sung and recorded in most musical genres , made ​​films , been featured in television series , played theater and performed in musicals. Been television host , participated in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix and – as a soloist – for Sweden! Occasionally , she has toured Denmark and Sweden thin countless times , and there is probably not a single venue in the area, she has not set foot in at some point in their career. But all her activities despite it count, which is the focal point .

She made her debut under his own name with Sanne Salomonsen (1973) , with a mixture of original material and foreign well-known songs , such as . Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water , in Danish interpretations was a nice calling card for the young singer . She then toured around the country with various bands in many genres and was able to gain stage experience , which has since been invaluable to her. In 1977 , she released the LP Precious Moments (1977) with a slightly jazzy tone , but before long she jumped out as rock singer ; 1979 partly in Anne Linnet Band , which also Lis Sørensen were partly in Sneakers .


With Sneakers got Sanne rapidly status as the country’s rock queen. The group toured constantly , but also found time to record sheets, and over just four years , the four LPs with a slightly funky, American-style pop rock , which was to provide a model for a lot of Danish pop and rock music in the 1980s. The debut album Sneakers ( 1980) found a nice large audience, but the big breakthrough was Sneakers until the following year with the title song from the second lp Sui Sui (1981). In 1982 came the LP Rou’let (1982 ), which include contained the big hit voodoo , but in 1985 the members decided – despite great success – to go their separate ways. Before that , however, Sneakers released the LP Katbeat (1984).

That same year played Sanne with Anne Linnet musical Berlin 84 at Bellevue Theater north of Copenhagen and scored one of Danish rock’s biggest hits with the ballad Used and abandoned , released on the LP Linnet – Salomonsen (1984). The following year resumed Sanne his solo career with the LP Sanne Salomonsen (1985 ), which was a comeback of dimensions with sold-out concerts all over Denmark and Sweden. It gave her record company a taste , and in an attempt to launch her ​​outside Scandinavia was the next album , No Angel (1987) , recorded with mainly British musicians and also sung in an English-language edition , No Angel (1987).

First album Sanne (1989 ), there was again a hole through to the large publium . Along with Thomas Helmig and Anne Linnet she stood even for many of the texts, while Rugsted – Creutzfeldt had composed the music, and it was a good cocktail. In just one month, 100,000 Danes have bought the album , and the song Love call was a huge hit that year . The Swedes were equally excited , and the CD stroking it to the top of the charts over there. The following year she published with Anne Linnet album War and Love (1990) with their music for the musical Gøngehøvdingen who had played at Odense Theatre . Alongside Sanne had broken ground for a more blues -oriented album, which she has recorded in the United States. It was published the following year entitled Where Blue Begins ( 1991) and became her biggest success with more than 400,000 copies sold in Scandinavia. Aided by her tireless turn transferee around the world.

She also recorded her next album, Language Of The Heart (1994) , in the United States with musicians including group Little Feat , and was a big hit with the song Have not I Been Good To You . Later in 1994, she performed unplugged for a television program , and an excerpt from the performance was released the same year on the CD Unplugged (1994). After the album 1996 (1996) restored her for awhile Sneakers and toured with the group in connection with the release of a double CD of their greatest hits , Greatest Sneakers (1997) , among others at that year’s Green Concert tour.

In 1998, Sanne collaboration with jazz bassist Chris Minh Doky , such as resulted in the fact that she went to New York to record it easier jazzy album In A New York Minute (1998) with Minh Doky as a producer and an experienced team of musicians, including Michael Brecker , Robben Ford , David Sanborn and Toots Thieleman . Then it was time for Sanne to take stock of his career on two compilations, The Best of the Best (2000) and The Best of the Best Vol 2 (2000) , before she in 2001 had great personal success for his starring role as Evita Peron in the musical Evita (2001) at the New Theatre in Copenhagen . The music from the show came on board later that year , where she was also present as a third of the country trio Cowgirls where Tamra Rosanes and Lis Sorensen were the other two. The trio released the CD Girls Night Out (2001) before it toured in 2002.


In 2003 Sanne turned back to a more rockier expression on the album Freedom ( 2003) , which she followed two years later with the musical related CD The Album (2005) . Many of the songs from the album was released in the spring of 2005 by her ” autobiographical ” one-woman show at the Bellevue Theatre north of Copenhagen . A recording of the show was released later that year on the DVD The Show (2005) . Since she toured around the country with the new songs, as she was the one musical host at the big rock at Rosenborg event in August 2005 in favor of the Crown Prince Couple Rock’n’Royal Fund within Save the Children.

During work on new songs in the spring of 2006, Sanne suffered a blood clot , and she had obviously unplug for a long period when she sent a message to his fans in the form of collection The Hits (2006) with his own personal favorites from the extensive catalog of songs.

In January 2009 she was back in top form – and with his son Victor Ray in the band – on television by the great Danish Collection 2009 for Africa . Shortly after , she released Unico ( 2009), which is the result of years of hard work with rehabilitation, voice training and an intense effort to have written a number of new and unique songs. Songwriters , in close cooperation with Sanne delivered the most personal lyrics and melodies she has had for many years, but they are also written specifically for her and with her ​​self as an inspiration .

Sanne Salomonsen is an institution in Danish culture, but never predictable. Her diligence and great curiosity has taken her so many places to go, she has to be the home that has the widest possible audience : Girls and boys . Children, adults and the elderly. Workers and academics , farmers and villagers. Immigrants , old Danes and Swedes. Everyone knows the Sanne and most love her. It is also difficult otherwise , for Sanne Sanne . Down to earth , straightforward and often in an infectious good humor. She has a big heart , and countless are the times she is pulled down to work in a good cause .

Sanne has been the soundtrack to thousands of parties over time , especially in the 1980s when Sneakers not only formed the school, but was the sound of Danish rock. She has also over the years received most of the prices you can get into the musical Denmark . The IFPI ‘s Honorary Award in 2005 as the culmination .

“Hjem” released in 2014 and is her seventeenth studio album through Mermaid Records. The album contains songs from Sneakers, Anne Linnet Band and Sanne Salomon’s back catalog in muted versions. After touring with Hjem 2014 tour decided Sanne Salomonsen to record her favorites, together with the musicians Annika Askman, Morten Woods, and Nikolaj Steen, who also produced the album. The album debuted in third place of the charts, with 1,033 copies sold in the first week.

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– Sanne Salomonsen [1973]
– Precious Moments [1977]
– Sanne Salomonsen [1985]
– Ingen Engel [1987]
– No Angel [1987]
– Sanne [1989]
– Krig og kærlighed [1990]
– Love is Gonna Call [1990]
– Where Blue Begins [1991]
– Language of the heart [1994]
– 1996 [1996]
– In a New York Minute [1998]
– Freedom [2003]
– The Album [2005]
– Unico [2009]
– Tiden Brænder [2011]
– Hjem [2014]

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