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Country Spain

Style Hard Rock
PhotobucketSangre Azul formed back in 1982 in Pinto, a town in the south of the autonomous community of Madrid. They first started playing other bands’ songs until, little by little, they started becoming a real band. The band begins to be known around 1985 with the very first line-up: José Castañosa “Lili” (ex Tritón) vocals, Carlos Raya (guitar), J.A. Martín (guitar), Julio Díaz (ex Mazo and ex Santa) bass guitar and Luis Santurde on drums.

The band took part at the VIII Trofeo Rock Villa Madrid and finally reach the finals, which took place in the Estadio de Fútbol “Roman Valero” ; with their great performance they got the prize, winning the competition. The prize consisted of an LP recording together with the bands who reached the 2nd and 3rd position, Esfinge and Furia Animal, for the Fonomusic label. Sangre Azul would have recordered 4 tracks and the other two bands 2 tracks each. The band wasn’t happy with those 4 tracks only and decided to record an EP with the title Sangre Azul, including the very same 4 tracks, for the very same label and adding a videoclip to all that.

The EP included 4 tracks : “Rey de la ciudad”, “Chicas, Whisky y Rock & Roll”, “Todo mi mundo eres tú” and “Rock & Roll es libertad”. For some reason, in this EP, Luis Santurde appeared under the name of Luis Ortega. After a short period, José Castañosa left the band and Tony joined it. José Castañosa was the band’s name maker but he had nothing to object in using it. With Tony in the band, they asked Javier Gálvez to become their manager and they soon started touring around Madrid. In 1987 they signed a contract with Hispanovox and recorded their first album: Obsesión. The band’s rock style was very close to the Whitensnake one and with that very first album, they started gaining popularity in Madrid.

In 1988 they released their second album, Cuerpo a Cuerpo, that carried a better production and a more melodic style. Soon after the released of the album, J.A. Martín left the band and the new member Juanjo Melero joined in (he was a member of Marshall Monroe, a band that was extremely close to the Sangre Azul style). The album gained incredible success in Spain and songs like « No Eres Nadie » become hymns which lasted in time and brought the band to be considered as one of the best both in national and international territory.

In 1989 the album « El Silencio De La Noche » was released, featuring an even better production and showing us a more grown up band ; the stand out songs of this album were Abre fuego and Piel de Serpiente. After touring Spain, in 1991, they toured France, U.S.A. and Mexico. In that very same year, they included what would be their last song edited in a compilation of the Emisión Pirata. The name of the song was Sangre y Barro (the best in production in the whole album), its lyrics was written by Pablo Orduñez (El Pirata), where Sangre Azul put in music the story of a journey to Mosters Of Rock where they had an accident with the bus.

After that, problems started arising between the band and the label about the works that were of no interest to the latter and, Juanjo Melero, decided to leave the band and move to the US. Soon after that episode, the band splitted up because of the lack of support coming from the label and the decline of the heavy metal scene in 1992. Carlos Raya started playing as a musician with many artists, including Antonio Vega and Quique González, producing them and playing in their tours. Juanjo Melero played in bands such as Santa Fe, Tam Tam Go, Def con Dos or La Cabra Mecánica. After that he turned himself into a session musician and started a project called Universo Violento. In 2000 their three album (Obsesión, Cuerpo a Cuerpo and El silencio de la Noche) were remastered and re-edited.

In Obsesión we can find two bonus tracks : El rey de la ciudad and Todo mi mundo eres tú which were the very ones who appeared in the Sangre Azul EP and in the B side of the following singles, with Tony on vocals.

In 2003 Carlos Raya joined M-Clan for a tour, after that Carlos Tarque kicked Santi Campillo out of the band. In 2005 José Castañosa, owner of the rights over the band’s name, reunited them once again. The new Sangre Azul line-up was the following : José Castañosa “Lili” (vocals), Miguel Ángel López (guitar), Óscar Hernández “Napi” (guitar), Boris Kurtev (keyboards), Antonio Tejada (bass), Bernardo Ballester (drums) and Esther Lago (vocals and background vocals).

The band started touring and played in Caracol on November the 3rd 2005.  From this tour, José promised, the very first live album of the band would have come to life. Eventually though, the band didn’t gain the expected success : José was helped by Esther Lago  that acted as background vocals in the hardest part of the songs, till she sang the whole « Obesiòn » song. The only part of the gig they seemed to be unstuck, were the ones where they sang the Sangre Azul EP tracks. The very few people attending the tour and the devastating comments about them led the band to give up the project.
PhotobucketIn 2006, Carlos Raya, joined Fito y Fitipaldis to record his Por La Boca album, playing the most of the solos and helping with the recording and the production. Moreover, he took part in the Spanish tour together with the musician from Bilbao.

In 2008 Juanjo Melero released a solo album called Filosofía Doméstica, where he played a more traditional rock and hosted a special guest like Carlos Raya. It’s a song where they remembered the old times in youth. On April the 26th of that very same year he presented his album in Madrid in the Sala Heineken.

The gig hosted guests suchs as: Miguel Angel Collado, Sherpa and Hermes (Barón rojo) and with the other Sangre Azul members (Carlos, Tony, Julio and Luis) that came on stage to play “Cuerpo a Cuerpo” and “Tal como soy” ; that day is now remembered as the day Sangre Azul came back together to play 2 songs.

In that very same year, Tony and Juanjo Melero joined a project together with other musicians. The project was a rock opera carrying the title Edgar Allan Poe, legado de una tragedia, about Allan Poe’s life. Tony would be the death’s voice while Juanjo took care of some guitar parts. The album was released on December the 16th 2008. Other than Tony and Juanjo the album hosted musicians like Leo Jiménez, Jero Ramiro, Niko del Hierro, Ángel Arias, Óscar Sancho and many more, for a total of 21 singers and almost 50 musicians. In February 2010 the first collaboration of Tony was released with the album “Retratos Del + AKA” by TeTo, where he took part in the track “Mil noches y pico” a tribute to Sangre Azul where Tony collaborated with

Finally, in 2010, the album “Las fases de la luna” was released by Tony, where he actually appeared under the name of Tony Sölo. The album hosted many guests including all the Sangre Azul members, playing a song each.



– Sangre Azul [1985] EP
– Obsesion [1987]
– Cuerpo A Cuerpo [1988]
– El Silencio De La Noche [1989]

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