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Country USA

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rock Sugar is a Los Angeles-based band known for their mashups of pop music and heavy metal from the 1980s. 1989 should have been the best year ever for Rock Sugar, the big haired heavy metal band that had just broken the top 41 on the rock radio charts with their solid brass debut album “Bang You Like A Drum”. But instead of headlining concerts, Rock Sugar made the headlines when they were presumed lost forever after playing an extremely ill advised gig celebrating the bat mitzvah of 13-year-old Lisa Rosenberg.

The show was performed miles out to sea aboard the private luxury yacht of Lisa’s father, schnapps millionaire Schlomo Rosenberg. Assuming that Rock Sugar was some innocent boy band, Schlomo had no idea who they actually were or what they actually sounded like. He only knew from his extremely spoiled daughter that they were “really cute” and he figured that must mean she would love their music. She didn’t, and judging from the stunned expressions on their faces, neither did her prepubescent little friends.

Shortly after the chorus of Rock Sugar’s second song “Nail You Like A Hammer”, a drunken and violent brawl broke out involving the band, the rabbi, a clown, the captain, a guy in an Smurf costume, Schlomo and well over a hundred infuriated and now thoroughly sexually confused children. In the midst of the fight, as Jesse, the lead singer, was pummeling the Smurf and no one was steering the damned ship anymore, it struck an undersea stone wall. As the boat was sinking, the extremely unhappy and now yacht less Schlomo refused to let Rock Sugar climb aboard the life rafts to safety.

Having been denied rescue, the band credit their miraculous ability to make it to the shore alive only because of their firmly held belief that “sharks don’t eat metal”. Left to their own extremely questionable survival skills, Rock Sugar managed to salvage several items from the sunken yacht. In addition to their instruments, they retrieved a hot pink battery powered boom box covered with stickers of Hello Kitty, a crate of batteries, 158 cases of schnapps and numerous articles of teenage girls clothing, most of which the band admit to trying on and several pieces of which apparently fit and looked “pretty frickin’ awesome”. But things got worse when the horrified rockers discovered that the only music available for them to listen to was little Lisa Rosenberg’s very pop, very 13 year-old girl’s, very ‘80’s CD collection.

Lead singer Jess Harnell is better known for his voice work in film and television than his musical career. Harnell voiced Wakko Warner in the Animaniacs cartoon series, voiced Secret Squirrel in the 2 Stupid Dogs shorts and is the current official voice actor for Disney’s Brer Rabbit. He has also served as the announcer for America’s Funniest Home Videos for more than 10 years and has voiced the titular protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series since 2005. In 1995, he released a solo album entitled The Sound of Your Voice.

Drummer, keyboardist and vocalist Alexander Track received a Master of Music Degree from the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria and won a Grammy Award for engineering in 2006. He is the President and CEO of Track Entertainment Studios in Los Angeles, California. He co-produced, recorded, engineered and co-mixed Rock Sugar’s debut CD: Reimaginator.

Lead guitarist and vocals, Chuck Duran does voice over demos and dubs Steve Valentine’s singing voice on the Disney XD series I’m in the Band. He is the co-host of the voice over web series VO Buzz Weekly along with Stacey J. Aswad. Original member, bassist Johnny Santoro aka Johnny Five joined Rock Sugar in 2009. He left the band on August 29, 2011. On December 12, 2011, the band introduced their new bassist, Ken Cain.

The band’s tour schedule includes rock festivals, once sharing the stage with members of Guns N’ Roses. In April 2010, the band appeared on the Food Network show Private Chefs of Beverly Hills in an episode where the chefs prepare food for the band’s CD release party. In April/May 2010, the band performed at the Melodic Rock Fest 2 in Elgin, Illinois sharing the stage with melodic rock bands Danger Danger, Y&T and Winger among others. The band has performed for foundations including the Toby Keith Foundation in Oklahoma and Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Foundation (Florida). In May 2010, the band performed two shows at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee.

Along with securing residencies at the House of Blues, Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles and in Las Vegas, Rock Sugar shared the stage with the Scorpions and RATT in Memphis, Queensrÿche in Colorado, Poison in Idaho, Tesla in Albuquerque, Kid Rock, Saliva, Skillet and Hinder in Wisconsin, Cinderella in Montana among many others. Rock Sugar has been featured on the Fox Television Network on Fox & Friends performing in New York, Avenue of the Americas. On 12 June 2010, Rock Sugar played at the Download Festival at Donington Park, England. They appeared at the festival again in 2011. Performances in 2012 included the Mid-South Rally for the Wounded Warrior Project, Mississippi and shows in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Arkansas, Montana and at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

– Reimaginator [2010]


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