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Style Hard Rock/Melodic Rock/Hard FM

Robin George has worked with more artists and projects than most realise, and during the ‘80s he built up quite a name for himself as a musician, producer, songwriter and solo artist.

Robin was working with Daniel Boone (Beautiful Sunday) and introduced Robin to the former Uriah Heep vocalist David Byron, suggesting he mix Byron’s forthcoming single “Every Inch of the Way”. This he duly did, and they formed The David Byron Band with Robin producing and playing guitar on the subsequent album ‘On The Rocks’. The pair worked well together, both playing and writing, and this work would sadly be Byron’s last recorded material.

1981 and 1982 saw Robin continue to work with Daniel Boone, Robin also worked with Roy Wood doing both live gigs and TV shows (bootlegs exist of this live work), Raymond Froggat as well as producing Diamond Head, the start of a long time association with the band.

1983 proved just as busy, with Robin producing Witchfinder General’s ‘Friends Of Hell’ LP and Quartz too, before releasing the “History” 12″ and his “Go Down Fighting” single on Arista. Ted Nugent would cover this song the following year.

In addition to all of this Robin Joined Magnum for their highly successful 11th Hour tour of the UK, The front cover of Kerrang! also beckoned, not bad for someone so relatively unknown at the time.

1984 also saw Robin produce the Debut LP for Wrathchild “Stakk Attack and also saw the beginning of the Dangerous Music project leading to a deal with Bronze records, this saw Robin George release his acclaimed debut solo album ‘Dangerous Music’ in 1985 which included, amongst others, Dave Holland, Mark Stanway and Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott.

Robin’s touring band in 1985 became known as Dangerous Music and featured ex Magnum drummer Kex Gorin, ex Wildlife bassist Phil Soussan (later of Ultimate Sin era Ozzy), and keyboard player Alan Nelson. The bands first live gig was Radio One’s “In Concert” recorded at the BBC’s famous Paris Studio’s, This was later followed by live sessions on the Tommy Vance Rock Show on Radio One, Later they were joined by second guitarist Huw Lucas (ex Korea and Trouble) for a UK and European tour supporting Uli Jon Roth and REO Speedwagon with the last date being played at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon London.

1985 also saw Robin record “Nineteen” at London’s famous Roundhouse studio’s with Phil And Paul Hardcastle, Phil, Robin and Brian Downey showcased this as the reformed Thin Lizzy on TV in what became Phil’s last appearance before his untimely passing.

Dangerous Music broke up shortly after, and Robin formed Notorious with former Diamond Head singer Sean Harris. The track “SWALK” was Simon Bates record of the week for 2 consecutive weeks on Radio one, The ill fated album was deleted shortly after release in America due to record company changes (an all too common story). However, the far superior original recordings are soon to be released.

Around the same time Robin was headhunted by Duran Duran, who were at the time at their peak, an offer he gracefully declined.

Production and writing work with Glenn Hughes and Marshall Law followed; the latter’s Power Game album is also available on Angel Air. Robin then played several club dates with former Asia vocalist/bassist John Wetton, Carl Palmer, Phil Manzanera and Don Airey (a kind of super group there), and was soon back touring, as Robin George’s World. before working with Zeppelin’s Robert Plant with both recording and song writing.

Robin produced an album for Vix (We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use it) before forming his band ‘Life’ with singer Nick Tart.

Life toured heavily around the country, recording the Cocoon album over the course of a year in Robin’s Dangerous Music studio in Shropshire. The re-mastered album Cocoon which also showcases previously unheard tracks, is out on Angel Air in April 2010. The band gained enough of a reputation to be offered several deals which sadly never came off, and they also recorded a couple of sessions for Radio one and a live performance on The James Whale TV show.

During their career the band also featured Marshall Law drummer Lee Morris (later of Paradise Lost) bass player Charley Charlesworth , Hammond organist Fred Skidmore and ex Hooters keyboard player Bill Rudolph.

Robin George’s production work continued, including Diamond Head’s Diamond Nights in 2000, before recording other solo albums Rock of Ageists, Crying Diamonds and Bluesongs.

More recently George has teamed up with UFO bassist Pete Way, after striking up a friendship while producing a Waysted album, to form Damage Control, Joining them in the Damage Control project is drummer Chris Slade (AC/DC, The Firm et al) releasing two CD’s “Damage Control” and “Raw” both having received many rave reviews.

Raw has just been picked up and re-released by Angel Air Records.

Robin’s latest projects include the sharing project LovePower, which features over fifty artists from the worlds of Rock, Blues, Soul and Pop giving their time and talents completely free for good causes.

It features, amongst others, members of Diamond Head, Marshall Law, Motorhead, Uriah Heep, Duran Duran as well as Vix.



– Dangerous Music [1985]
– Rock of Ageists [2001]
– Bluesongs [2004]
– Crying Diamonds [2006]
– Sweet Revenge [2007]
– LovePower and Peace [2011]
– You [2012]


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