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Country Germany

Style Hard Rock/Melodic Heavy Metal

tjtykyThe band hailed from Neunkirchen formed in 1995 by Christoph Dörrenbächer and Markus Lesch, with their first appearances to be the local area with cover songs and original materials. In 1997 the band’s first effort with original 4-tracks released and sold out after few months. In 1997 they had their first self-organized tour through Southern Germany. At the same time they started working on their first album, recording four songs in the Twilight Studios in Illingen. Te band with the ballad “Turn Around” gain their first radio airplay in Hamburg at the “open channel” in the program “demo zone” and the transmitter “radio tune” from Saargemünd. Within six months about 300 copies of “I” were sold.

In 1998 with the song “The Last Chance” the band takes over the rotation of the “Rockland Radios” in Zweibrücken. The band continue performing all around and won the 2nd place in the junior competion chance ’98 of the Saarländischen Radio, while the song “Turn Around” gain lots of airplay at the Cologne station. The band’s fame in 1999 started to get growing with many praise from local media such as “Metal Heart”, “Hammer”, “ Breakout”, “United Forces”, etc but also positive reaction from abroad Greece, Romania, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Bosnia and Poland.

Among others in Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Escape, Heavy oder was? and Metal Heart. The Metal Hammer Greece compares the band with rock icons such as Dokken and PC69. With national and foreign radio stations, the album gets positive feedback. This is followed by radio airplay on various radio station as Radio Rockland (Pfalz), Radio Disovery (Hamburg), Radio Abyss (Bosnia Herzegovina / 1st place), Saarland Radio and Radio Melodie (France). The band achieved second place in one of the largest youth competitions in Saarländischer (Saarland Radio), and it follows a television report in Saar TV.

The fame of the band still get growing with four record companies offers them a contract. They took part in many open-air festivals and they played in front of 600 spectators headlining the Metal Festival in Koblenz, while they have a 30 minute interview at the Saarländischen broadcasting. November of 1999 the band complete their second album, while until that period their first mini album “I” sold more than 1500 copies worldwide.

In 2000 the new album released titled “Strange” again with many good reviews from the press and media while the band continues their touring in Germany. The album until the end of 2000 has sold more than 900 copies, while they support Tom Angelripper of Sodom, Vanize, etc., a busy year for the band with over 60 performances through Germany.

During period 2001-2002 the band working on new songs, with a third release to come little later titled “Gate into Another World” recorded also in Twilight Studios. In 2003 they played at the first New Year’s Rock Festival in Illingen and they were co-headlining with the power metal band Chinchilla. The song “Turn Around” for several weeks chosen in first place by radio listeners. In 2004 they played at the second New Years Rock Festival as co-headlining with Axxis.

From February 2005 they started recording materials for their new album named “Revelation” that will be released the August of the same year at the fist International Neunkircher Metal Festival, supported by metal and hard rock sizes of the scene like Evergrey, Mystic Prophecy and Rebellion.

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– I [1998] EP
– Strange [2000]
– Gate into Another World [2002] EP
– Revelation [2005]

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