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Country Argentina

Style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

The band’s name literally means “White Rat” in English, however in South American slang, rata blanca refers to a type of firework.

The band was founded in 1985 by Walter Giardino after he left V8 and Gustavo Rowek another former member of V8. Rata Blanca played together for about two years before their debut on August 15, 1987 in the theater “Luz y Fuerza” in Buenos Aires. They later took part in the “Halley en Obras”, along with other bands: Alakrán (“Skorpion”), JAF and Kamikaze, in 1988. That year they made their debut album with two hits: “Chico Callejero” (“Street Boy”) and “El Sueño de la Gitana” (“Gypsy Woman’s Dream”).

In 1989, Hugo Bistolfi joined the band and then Saúl Blanch left, to be replaced by Adrián Barilari. With that arrangement, the band made its second album Magos, Espadas y Rosas (“Wizards, Swords, and Roses”), containing their classic song “Mujer amante”. It was followed by “Guerrero del Arco Iris” (“Rainbow Warrior”). The band ended their contract with Polygram recording a live album, made at the Opera Theater with an orchestra, but this album was released years later. Once in BMG they made a short CD called “El Libro Oculto” (“The Hidden Book”).

Both Bistolfi and Barilari decided to leave, being replaced by Mario Ian on vocals and Javier Retamozo on keyboards. With this line-up they released Entre el Cielo y el Infierno (“Between Heaven and Hell”). Later that year, they were invited to play in “Festival Monsters of Rock” in São Paulo, Brazil, along with Ozzy Osbourne, Therapy?, and Alice Cooper.

At the end of the year 1991, they were awarded with many prizes from the Argentinian media, among them we had: Walter Giardino, best guitarist of the year; Magos, Espadas y Rosas, best album of the year; La leyenda de Hada y el Mago and Mujer amante, 1st and 3rd best tracks of the year; Adrián Barilari, best vocalist of the year. The presentation of their third album, “Guerrero del Arco Iris”, took place in the Vélez Sársfield Stadium.

They released yet another album with new singer Gabriel Marian and keyboard player Javier Retamozo (Hugo Bistolfi left to form the band Alianza with singer Adrian Barilari) called “Rata Blanca VII”, the group disbanded in late 1997. They regrouped in 2000 (with Barilari back on vocals and Bistolfi on keyboards) to tour Latin America.

In recent years, they have released three more albums, El Camino del Fuego (“The Path of Fire”) in 2002, La Llave de la Puerta Secreta (“The Key to the Secret Door”) in 2005, and El Reino Olvidado (“The Forgotten Kingdom”) in 2008. The lyrics to La Llave de la Puerta Secreta were inspired by The Da Vinci Code.

Wanting to gain a more international profile, Giardino approached former Rainbow singer Doogie White to record an English version of the Forgotten Kingdom album in 2009.

In December 2009, the famous radio program by Mario Pergollini, “Cuál es?”, carried out a survey asking about the best 250 songs in the story of the Argentinian rock. The epic track La leyenda del hada y el mago by Rata Blanca reached the 3rd place, despite being released 19 years earlier.

This band is considered as one of the most important in the rock/metal scene not only inArgentinabut in the wholeSouth America.

Two of their albums were included in the list of the 250 best latin American bands ever : Magos, Espadas y Rosas (n.º 42) and El camino del fuego (n.º 16). The song Mujer Amante in their second album, has been considered as the 52° best rock song ever in the latin American rock scene according to the website In less than a month from its release, the new studio album El Reino Olvidado, reached position number 2 in the CAPIF chart, as most sold and listened album in the month of August.

Till today, the band counts with 6 golden records and a platinum one. Their second album “Magos, Espadas y Rosas” sold more than 5 millon copies around the world making them famous not only at a national level but even around the world. 



– Rata Blanca [1988]
– Magos, espadas y rosas [1990]
– Guerrero del Arco Iris [1992]
– El Libro Oculto EP [1993]
– Entre el Cielo y el Infierno [1994]
– Rata Blanca VII [1997]
– El Camino del Fuego [2002]
– La Llave de la Puerta Secreta [2005]
– El Reino Olvidado [2008]
– The Forgotten Kingdom [2009]


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