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Country Russia

Style Hard Rock

This group was a project of the famous Leningrad guitarist, recording artist, and songwriter, Vladimir Gustov. In the summer of 1988, Gustov, working in the recording studio with Vladimir Kharitonov, helped this young singer to record a new song called A New Day. The song became a success and the two decided to continue their cooperation. By the end of the fall, they determined who would play for a new group called Radio Rock, and by December of the same year, they started to rehearse. Besides Gustov (guitar, vocals) and Kharitonov (vocals), the group was joined by Valeri Sudakov (bass) Evgeny Oleshev (keyboards), Vladimir Kushnir (keyboards), and Sergei Doikov (drums). In the summer of 1989, Radio Rock took part in an annual TV musical festival Jurmala-89 and Vladimir Kharitonov won a prestigious award.

The album “Religion” was released in the same year. The group then completed a successful tour around Russia and Ukraine, and gave great performances in Leningrad together with English groups Passion and Gipsy Queen. An Irish Television company recorded the concerts. V. Kushnir left the group in October 1989 to join Secret. In January of the next year, Vadim Ryabov (who played previously for St. Petersburg) has replaced the departed S. Sudakov. In 1990, after a music festival in Paris, Vladimir Kharitonov decided to leave the group. He was replaced by Viacheslav Shkutov. By the end of this year, Radio Rock takes place in Alla Pugacheva’s program, Rozhdestvenskie Vstrechi [Christmas Encounters]. In August 1991, the group opens a concert, Rock Against Tanks on the Palace Square in Leningrad. The second album, “The Russian Eagle” was recorded in the summer of 1991.

The last album of the group, “The Crime and the Punishment” was recorded in 1995. The group has retained a new drummer, Tigran Panteleev, and S. Shkutov was replaced by a new and talented singer and composer, Igor Balakirev. In 1996, the group was dissolved. Balakirev and Gustov created their new group, Be Good. E. Oleshev works in a recording studio and also plays, as well as Gustov, in the Max Leonidov Group. Vadim Riabov is a singer in the vocal group Digest. Tigran Panteleev moved to the U.S. During all these years, the group’s manager was Vadim Baikin. The changes that occurred in Russia in the beginning of the 1990s have broken down the Iron Curtain. As a result, Gustov was invited and he accepted an invitation of Viktor Reznikov to play in a new group SUS (Soviet Union-United States).

– Religion [1989]
– The Russian Eagle [1994]
– The Crime And The Punishment [1995] 

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