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Country Venezuela

Style Heavy Metal/Hard Rock


Paul Gillman was born in Caracas in 1960. At the beginning of his music career he started playing in different bands, such as Power Age (later known as Arkangel) with whom he recorded 3 albums: Arkángel, 1981, Rock Nacional, 1982 and Represión Latinoamericana, 1983.

After leaving Arkángel he formed the band named after his surname : Gillman. Its line up was made up by : Ernesto Ferro (guitar), Luis Ferrer (bass) and Felipe Celis (drums). With this band he debuted with the album Levántate y Pelea (1984), an album clearly influenced by an Iron Maiden sound ; the lyrics wanted to stress the social and political problems that Venezuela has and had to face daily.

In that very same period, Gillman started other projects such as Masakkre, Taxi, and Black Knight (a Deep Purple tribute).
After some line-up changes, Gillman recorded the album El Guerrero (1985), only Ernesto Ferro remained from the original line-up, the new members were two musicians from the band Resistencia: Victor López Inaudi (bass) and Rodrigo Yoma Aparici (guitar), other than the drummer Félix Guerra.

With the album Sígueme (1988), Gillman became part of a very important label in Venezuela that granted him the success for this album ; nevertheless, his style seemed to have changed and became more « commercial », as a matter of fact we can notice this change in the hit “Adriana. Gillman, eventually, decided to go back to his roots and in 1990 edited El Regreso del Guerrero with powerful tracks such as “F-27″, “Dr. Kanoche” and “Ladrolítico”.

With the release of the album Lo Más Duro (Casette pirata 1991) and 15 Años (1992), (a compilation that included tracks by Arkángel, Gillman and Massakre), we can clearly listen new influences in sound such as thrash metal. After the compilation Lo Inédito (Casette pirata 1993), a new great album by Gillman was released: Escalofrío (1994). The album featured also a new line-up inclsuding : Facundo Coral (guitar), Eulalio “Churdy” Toledo (bass) and Eduardo Sáez (drums) with Porfirio Torres as special guest. With that very same line-up, the album Vivo En Vivo (1996) was recorded.

The XXI century gifted us with a new compilation: Paul Gillman 25 años (2001), a double album that included tracks taken during his whole music career in a very special way : the first album featured tracks from the albums Rock Nacional (Arkángel, 1982), Levántate y Pelea, (Gillman, 1984) and El Guerrero (Gillman, 1985), that were previosly released on cassette or EP only. The second album contained unreleased demos by Power Age, Massakre, Gillman as tracks taken from the EP Ready to Attack (1992) and a masterpiece: the anthem “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple, sung by the Ian Gillan band in the studio Mata de Coco (Caracas, May 1992) together with Paul Gillman.


The band released Cuauhtemoc (2003) after nine years (as the last album recorded in studio was released in 1994). This album was awarded with the METAL HECHO EN VENEZUELA 2002-2003, other than that, Paul was awarded for his radio program KULTURA ROCK. In November 2003, a new album was released: Despertando en la Historia (2003), a tribute to the singer-songwriter Alí Primera, carried out together with Magno Zapata (guitars) and Elvys Zapata (bass, background vocals). This last record included 10 tracks by the famous and gone singer Alí Primera and two tracks written by Gillman and the Zapata brothers.

In 2005 Paul wanted to make his dream come true : that’s how the GILLMANFEST in May 2005 was born. In that occasion he was able to have performing two monsters of the Venezuelan rock: GRAND BITE, RESISTENCIA, Paul Gillman and ARKANGEL reunited, after 22 years from their disbanding ,and his own band GILLMAN. This first edition was closed by PAUL DIANNO (ex IRON MAIDEN) who sung together with Gillman a Maiden classic: RUNNING FREE.

In 2007 was held the GILLMANFEST CARABOBO, “Rock por la integración” who hosted two international bands: KRAKEN (Colombia) and RATA BLANCA (Argentina). That very same year, Gillman recorded an album outside Venezuela :“INEVITABLE”. While in Buenos Aires he released the collection boxed set :“PAUL GILLMAN 30 AÑOS DE ROCK NACIONAL”, a real must have for collectors, since it contains the whole Gillman discography (remastered).

In 2008 the GILLMANFEST CARABOBO lasted 2 days and hosted bands such as TESTAMENT and MEGADETH. In the meantime, Paul kept going on with his radio program “Kultura rock” and at the same time he launched a new one ,“El Idioma del Rock”, to promote rock music in the country. In 2008 -2009 he started the tour “Escalofrío y otros espantos”. The tour was particularly interesting because it presented all the horror and sci-fi related themes in Paul career. Tracks that he hardly ever played such as LA SERENATA DEL ESTRANGULADOR and ZOMBIE.

In 2010 he held 2 editions of the GILLMANFEST in less than 4 months, in the last one the new GILLMAN line-up was presented : Rafael Agar and Alejandro Lobo (guitars), Rodrigo López and Ruben Limas (drums). In 2011 he recorded the EP “El curandero”. The EP contained 3 tracks of what would have been his next album (the 13th one) “Tributo a los desconocidos” , an album dedicated to bands such as BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE or LED ZEPPELIN. In May he received the ROCKSTONE MUSIC AWARD in Bogotá, Colombia, for his 34 years of career in music.

Levantate Y Pelea El Guerrero Sigueme El Regreso Del Guerrero Escalofrio Cuauhtemoc Despertando En La Historia Inevitable Tributo a los Desconocidos Escalofrio II... la Conclusion

– Levantate Y Pelea [1984]
– El Guerrero [1985]
– Sigueme [1988]
– El Regreso Del Guerrero [1990]
– Escalofrio [1994]
– Cuauhtemoc [2003]
– Despertando En La Historia [2004]
– Inevitable [2007]
– Tributo a los Desconocidos [2011]
– Escalofrío II… la Conclusión [2012]


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