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Country Argentina

Style Melodic Rock/AOR/Pop/Soul

Patricia Elena Sosa (Barracks, Buenos Aires, January 23, 1956) is an Argentina-influenced songwriter rock, soul and blues. Has ventured into the field of acting, including stakes in television (Poliladron, RRDT, Chiquititas, A Cut, Coffee Stories), film (Night Round Marcos Carnevale, No love is perfect Sofovich Paul, Dad for a day of Raul Rodriguez-production Peila Mentasti / Bossi) and theater (The Daughters Of Caruso, The Little Prince, theater for Identity). She currently chairs the foundation Small Gestures, Big Achievements performing various tasks solidarity, being the most outstanding, the aid to different communities Impenetrable Chaco Toba.

Wife of producer Oscar Mediavilla, her musical career began in 1974 when she joined the band “Soul Nomady”, in which she sang in English. The band’s members were : Gustavo Giles (bass), Ricardo Giles (drums), Pilu Camacho (guitar), Oscar Mediavilla (guitar), Luis Múscolo (keyboards), Patricia Sosa (vocals).

In 1981 Patricia, together with Oscar Mediavilla, formed the band ” La Torre” and in 1982 they took part in the Barrock Festival where they became the band revelation of the year. In 1987 she recorded a duet with the Chilean Alvaro Scaramelli “Yes you do, you regret”, single from the album of the Chilean, “My Inner Time”. In 1988 they started a tour towards URSS where they performed 27 shows in 28 days. After having released 6 albums, Patricia decided to go solo. In 1990 was released her self titled album with tracks like “Era un corazón herido”, “Paraamarte una vez mas” and “Canta”. When she held concerts to present the album, they went sold out. She debuted in Buenos Aires at the Teatro Coliseo, starting point of a tour of the interior of the country and Latin America.

The following year she recorded live what would be their second album. In 1992, Patricia edited her second LP titled “Luz de mi vida”. Thanks to the track “Endúlzame los oídos” she soon reached the top of the charts.  In less than a month, the album gained the golden record and 5 platinum, selling more than 600,000 copies. By now she had put aside his rock tough girl image and moved closer to the romantic and melodic.  In 1993 “Luz de mi vida” was awarded with the ACE as best singer 1992/1993.

In 1994 she started a second promotional tour inMexicogaining a lot of success among the audience and the press. Other than that, she recorded , dueting with Caetano Veloso, a track for an UNICEF album that was then released in the US.  In 1995 she released “Suave y Profundo” and performed it in the Gran Rex thatre, the show was recorded by TELEFE and gained an incredible audience raiting when shown on tv. Later that year, she recorded a videoclip for the track “Aprender a volar” in sign language. She also recorded two tracks by Carlos Gardel: “Yira, yira” and “Cuando tu no estas” together with the Orquesta Filarmónica del Tango “Enrique Santos Discépolo”.

In 1996 she started working on another album, “La historia sigue”, that was recorded in Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. In 1997 she had important roles as actress in the opera of Marcos Carnevale “Noche de Ronda”. In 1998 she had her first leading role in the TV show “Rodolfo Rojas D.T.”, together with Carlos Andrés Calvo, China Zorrilla and Pepe Soriano while in 1999 she finished writing her first book “Código de Barrio” and directed her first play “Las hijas de Caruso”.

In 2000 he reappeared on television to play Paula, the villain of the telenovela of Cris Morena Chiquititas child. The soap opera also was present during the 80 performances at the Teatro Gran Rex. In 2001 she started working on the lyrics for a new album titled  “No me dejes de amar”, that was recorded between October and November in the Igloo Studios in Los Angeles.  It was finally released in 2002 together with the videoclip of the song “Por El”. 

And in 2003 he starred alongside Juan Carlos Baglietto and Sebastián Francini, the musical “The Little Prince”, where the Serpent intepretaba. He also composed music lyrics as “Peter Pan, Everyone Can Fly” and “Aladdin, will be great.” Personally, returned to her former husband, Oscar Mediavilla, father of her only child, Marta Mediavilla; currently still together as a couple, without conviviality.  In 2004 the album “Toda” was recorded and came out for selling during the year, she also took part in the album “Música para soñar”, with the song “Good Times”. In 2005, Patricia received the diploma of merit as one of the five best canantes of pop ballad of the time.

In 2006 the CD and DVD “Patricia Sosa en vivo en el Gran Rex” came out and the very same year she took part in another record titled “Tango por los chicos” with a song by Eladia Blázquez: “El corazón mirando al Sur”. She started working on her next cd as well.  In 2007 she started a tour and in March she was awarded with the Premio Gardel fas  «  best female pop artist » for her album “Patricia Sosa en vivo en el Gran Rex”. Moreover, she recorded a duet with Lucecita Benítez for the track “Cambia, todo Cambia”, included in the album “Folclore por los chicos”, and travelled to the US to finish the pre-production of her album “Lija y Terciopelo”, the album was then released in October.

In 2008, Patricia Sosa, presented her latest album in two concerts at the Teatro Gran Rex. Days later, she was invited to sing at the White Hall of the Government House, and its televised spectacle. It is also contracted to star in the film “No love is perfect” next to Diego Olivera, directed by Paul Sofovich. Months later is called to participate in the film “Santa for a Day”. In 2009 she was hired to head the show “Puerto Buenos Aires” Madero Tango, with Raul Lavie, Maximiliano Guerra, and Mora Godoy. In October of the same year she returned to the Teatro Gran Rex, performed two functions to full room where among other topics presented unpublished “Bendigo” theme of the movie “No love is perfect,” and released her second book, “Counting on you “, a collection of stories written by 49 celebrities to collaborate with its Foundation.

In 2011, begins preparations for her new album, “Desde La Torre”, which pays tribute to his former rock band, doing covers of ’80s themes composed herself. In January 2011 she was the leading figure of the Journal of Buenos Aires, built by Raul Lavie, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Maria Eugenia Rito, Valeria Archimó, Chiqui Abecasis and Marcelo Polino, at the Broadway Theatre of Buenos Aires. At the beginning of 2012 participated in a program broadcast by Channel Thirteen called “Dreaming for singing 2012”, which travels the country looking for new singers and then reward them with a place Singin 2012.



– Patricia Sosa [1990]
– En Vivo [1991]
– Luz De Mi Vida [1992]
– Suave y Profundo [1994]
– La Historia Sigue [1996]
– No Me Dejes De Amar [2002]
– Toda [2004]
– En Vivo En Le Gran Rex [2006]
– Lija y Terciopelo [2007]
– Desde La Torre [2012]
– El Album! [2012]


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