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Country United Kingdom

Style Melodic Rock/AOR


Over the last three decades rock and roll has grown up from being the wild child that swaggered onto a stage, crepe soled and coated in Lurex, sending a nations youth into a dangerous frenzy and has finally entered it’s manhood wielding a power and glory beyond any visionaries wildest dream. The three chord thrash of yesteryear has been replaced with a far more polished attitude and while the lightning advance of technology is undoubtedly instrumental in rocks evolvement. The musicians themselves have also grown up from being naïve, gullible babes manipulated by shrewder forces making way for a more sharp sophisticated breed of artiste.

This new legion of rock cognoscente still retain the maverick spirit of a bygone era and have combined this with an awareness that enables them to retain full control of their destinies and success.

OUTSIDE EDGE epitomize this exciting new breed of rock elite. A proverbial four man army, OUTSIDE EDGE produce a highly charged sound with a crisp melodic edge –BIG ROCK – with an international feel and appeal. The nucleus of the band are undoubtedly twin brothers Tom and David Farmer and Eddie Golga – a triumvirate who originally hail from Birmingham and have played together since schooldays. A talented trio, even their formative years saw some minor successes including an album recorded under the auspicious guidance of legendary soul producer Arif Mardin.

These early days marked a period of growth and development that eventually took them to the south of France where the early-seeds of what was to become OUTSIDE EDGE were finally sown. Prior to this move the groups music had gone through various chances to accommodate their diverse playing styles. Now at least they were beginning to consolidate a definite and positive direction and suddenly thing begin to gel and collective visions was soon to become a reality.

“Going to another country really helped us”, reflected Tom, “in fact it proved to be one of the major steps of our career. It insulated us from the current fashions, we were determined not to chase trends and to be as true to ourselves as humanly possible. Punk was big at the time and there were people who wanted us rough up our act but we were determined to do what WE wanted to do.”

This working hiatus proved to be very productive and saw the release of an album (exclusive to France). A minor success sales-wise it have the band the confidence and determination to get thing moving.

“Until then OUTSIDE EDGE was pretty much a homegrown affair”, revealed the wirey and fiery Eddie Golga, “we did everything ourselves from the production to the photos, and liner notes on the sleeve. This experience has proved to be unvaluable, it have us a knowledge and insight into what we needed to do to progress”.


Their first move was to acquire another member which came in the form of keyboard whiz kid Pete Giles who although still young in years was already quite a seasoned pro on the session circuit. Next came a diamond sharp management team who got the ball rolling by securing the group a prime support slot on Canadian rocker’s Bryan Adams British tour. It was on the strength of their performance on these dates that lead to a deal with 10 Records. It was now to time to commit some product to vinyl and a list of top producers immediately drawn up. 

Determined that their music should have a universal appeal, crossing all borders. They finally looked to the USA for their man and came up with Terry Manning. A hot new property who had recently made his mark with ZZ TOP, Molly Hatchet and Joe Cocker. Dave explains their choise; “We would have got a more established producer but avoided this as we didn’t want to end up sounding like another corporate rock band straight off the conveyer belt. We felt that using a person like Terry would add an extra sparkle of freshness to the music. Which it undoubtedly has.”

Choosing the illustrious Air Studios as their recording location, an albums worth of material soon came to fruition (they already had a plethora of material in the can) the end results finally proving that Outside Edge could deliver  the goods and a whole lot more.

Outside Edge’s music is the product of solid teamwork, exceptional playing prowess and a forward thinking attitude that will undoubtedly make them a highly potent force in the years to come.

With a single and album due out any time now, you shall be able to hear for yourselves that rock and roll is still very much alive and kicking thanks to the likes of Outside Edge.

Outside Edge Running Hot OUTSIDE_EDGE_ME Call Me

– Outside Edge [1984]
– Running Hot [1986]
– More Edge [1989]
– Call Me [1991]

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