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Country Spain

Style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Obus - Poderoso como el trueno frontal

In the first months of 1980 two young men from Madrid Juan Luis Serrano and Francisco Laguna, Bass yand Guitar, who had been together in other bands such as Red Box or Madrid 20, decided to form Obús.They won the Rock festival of Villa de Madrid in 1981 and they phoned the Band Baron Rojo (who had a very good name in the spanish rock bussines). In few time they recorded Prepárate, prduced by Tino Casal. This album was very succesfull and they start bacoming more and more famous. In fact, the song that gives the name to the album reached the number 1 in the 40 Principales radio station. The 6th of November 1981, the band presented the album in an epic concert in the Real Madrid stadium.

In 1982 the album Poderoso como el Trueno (produced also by Tino Casal) and specialy in 1984 El que Más suposed the apogeeel of the albums’ sales. This album was recorded with Mark Dodson as sound ingeneer (productor of Judas Priest) with songs of the category of El que más, Autopista, La raya, FM, Alguien and Viviré. Obús fought for the preeminence of the spanish heavy metal, giving big concerts in diferent festivals such as the concerts of june in 1985 in the Casa de Campo, in the party of the Spanish comunist group, for more than 20.000 people. From the point of view of that public and of the critics those were one of the most gratefull moments in the history of spanish music.

The official live album, recorded in the pavilion of sports of Madrid the 21st of February 1987 is considered their last glory moment. It continued a period of time with ups and downs until the presented their study album Otra Vez En la Ruta in 1990. This album was considered very valid and decent but it didn’t recover the past glories, so they decided to stop the band temporaly.


After the adventures of Fortu in Saratoga (band), and of Juan Luis and Fernando, in Venganza(band),Obús returned to the world of spectacle and heavy metal in 1996. Firstly, their return was going to be in a festival in which Panzer (band) and Judas Priest were also going to play. Finally, that never happened, however they decided to go on a tour. In that moment, after very hard years for heavy metal, new generations were more and more interested in other time’s music and because of that, Obús found a very active public. Due to the sucsess of the tour they start thinking of recording a new album.

During the time they were separated, Fortu made a band with veteran rock musicians from bands such as Barón Rojo, Muro and Santa. Part of the public though that in a band with members from bands with so much sucsess the covivence would be impossible. However, the colaboration between members was very good. The first album they wrote, Saratoga, had the name of the band that managed to full the agualung room in Madrid. But it was just after recording their second album, Tributo, when Fortu decided to leave the band. Juan Luis and Fernando, meanwhile, had an own project: a rock band called Venganza, but they didn’t have a lot of success. Paco, in the other hand, was trying to convince his past companions to retake the band. Just a week after Fortu abandoned his band Saratoga, Venganza decided to stop playing and Obús started again their journey. In 2004 During the tour “Segundos fuera” Juan Luis left the band and Peter Oteo substitutes him. Then they decided to incorporate Nacho GG-R as bassist to the band. In 2008 Fernando has a disease and he also the band, Carlos Mirat substituted him.In 2009 during a tour around south america, Nacho GG-R left the band and Pepe Bao (bassist of O’funk’illo) substituted him.


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– Prepárate [1981]
– Poderoso Como Εl Τrueno [1982]
– El Que Μás [1984]
– Pega con Fuerza [1985]
– Dejarse la Piel [1986]
– Otra Vez en la Ruta [1990]
– Desde el Fondo del Abismo [2000]
– Segundos Fuera [2003]
– Vamos muy Bien [2006]
– Cállate! [2010]

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