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Country USA

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Hailing from Winston Salem, North Carolina, No Love Lost was formed in 2006 by veteran musicians from the east coast circuit. Vocalist Scott Board began his career with Cerebus, a North Carolina metal group that garnered national attention with their album ‘Too Late To Pray’. In the early ’90s, Board, along with No Love Lost bandmates Jason Staton and Brian Azbelle were members of Dimage recording a self-managed album as well. Their self-titled debut album released from Kivel Records in 2013, plays US Melodic Hard Rock, although not sounding as your typical band of the genre.

No Love Lost is back with their sophomore release. One that doesn’t just prove the argument that a band can outshine a strong debut, but sets the bar and achieves a level up. This is more than an album. This is a call back to a beloved genre and sound. Showing that in the year 2020 a band can make an arena rock record with all the trimmings just like how you remembered it. Adding the bonus of today’s technology and production. Produced by Ty Sims and Erik “Desmond Childish” Johnson, No Love Lost creates the perfect love letter for this genre of music. Hard hitting when it needs to be. Heartfelt when it wants to be, and just damn FUN because it should be.

Scott Board is without a doubt a premier vocalist and should be mentioned in the same breath with some legends. As he is a rare breed that has a level of talent that rivals some of the best in the business. Combine his signature distinctive vocal with the dual guitar team of Jason Staton and Marc Brown, the result is an astonishing winning combination of Rock N Roll as one would hope for, but sadly rarely seen these days.

Of course, you need a foundation and you need to keep the beat. None better than the rhythm section of fellow North Carolina Natives, than Matt Crow (Bass) and Jason Collins (Drums) Will leave no question to how formidable they are at their craft. When you hear the big floor tom hits on Heartstrings. To the nice smooth bottom to No Secret. You will have no questions about their prowess as a rhythm section. Lastly, and certainly far from least. No Love Lost welcome a legend himself, Paul Shortino. As he duets with the band on the rock n roll classic, Good Times. If there was a song that was synonymous with Fun, it is this one, and the guys do not disappoint!! All of this is pulled together by the masterful production leadership of Ty Sims and Erik Johnson. Culminating into one simple word that describes this album, and that is the aptly title itself. “B L I S S”.

– No Love Lost [2013]
– Bliss [2020]

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