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Country Germany

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Pressefoto_SND_swIn the early 80s the band was founded under the moniker “No Doubt” by Sir Marlowe and Uli “Gibson” Hoffmann. The band’s style were a combination of Rock’n’Roll, Heavy Metal, Blues and Hard Rock. In the band’s performances they played original band’s song but also classic tunes. From the beginning, emphasis is placed not only on the songs, but also on a varied stage show.

The first line-up consist by vocalist Jörg Theilen , Uli “Gibson” Hoffmann and Sir Marlowe, on guitars, Mario Freese on bass and drummer Michael Koester. After several performances drummer Michael Koester replaced by Kai Hoffmann. On March 1992 they released the demo-cassette “There is No Doubt”. October 1993 found the band with the departure of Jörg Theilen and Kai Hoffmann, while the band’s style changed to more heavy metal thank hard rock. The new frontman Zissen brings with his voice and his charisma, the band even further. With interim drummer Michael Koester a second demo tape entitled “Nice to see you” is taken up in December 1994. In 1995 with a new drummer at the name of Oliver Schelling the band’s first full lenght album “We Wanna Rock On” were released at Maple Leaf -Records in Augsburg and rewarded with good reviews in music magazines.

1997 found the band with Andreas Raade on bass duties. Winter 1998 the follow-up album “Looking Good” released. The new album ensure a cover from  Chris De Burgh “Don`t Pay The Ferryman”. Also this album is distributed by Maple Leaf- Records in Augsburg. Shortly after the release of the album the band changed their name to Still No Doubt, as irritation because of a band from the United States to be avoided.

Towards the end of 2000 the band is in the Spacelab Studio in Krefeld recorded the song “We Rock You” which added together with three live songs on a Maxi-CD called “We Rock You”, that came out in January 2001 and achieved very good sales, followed by many live gigs. 2005 a new album came out titled “Endorphenomenal” to the 15th anniversary of Still No Doubt and is embraced. At the same time singer Zissen decides to leave the band and their own way to go.

In a short period the band found Andrew “Barto” Bartoschik as their new singer who brings a lot of experience and a great rock singing. In summer 2006, the longtime bassist Andreas “Ekat” Raabe adopted by the band. He replaced immediately by the experienced Rudi Pfaff. After several appearances in summer 2007, a new demo – Maxi – CD added that sees the light of day in October under the title “Rock’n’Roll Outlaws”.

After 15 years of groove work Olli Schelling decided in early 2010 due to its many other activities, abandoning his drum duties. The resulting gap is quickly filled by a new drummer Lars “Chief Larsen” Thoebel. After some break-in time it goes live further up in Still No Doubt. During their performances throughout the country, the band thrilled everywhere with an exciting stage show and a varied program.

672655_300 Looking_Good_-Cover ENDORPHENOMENAL-Cover_

– We Wanna Rock On [1995]
– Looking Good [1999]
– Endorphenomenal [2005]

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