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Country Czech Republic

Style Sleaze Glam/Hard Rock

The band NASTY RATZ started in Prague (CZ), September 13th, 2012. In the beginning, Jake Widow (behind the microphone and rhythm/lead guitar) and Rikki Wild (behind the drums) started a band based on powerful stage performances using pyros, make-up and wild music with a punk rock vibe. The inspiration was pretty clear. Rikki’s drum parts were rolling like a stone and their influences such as Phil Rudd, Eric Singer etc. were more and more hearable. Also, Jake’s pitching the high notes could remind KISS, Mötley Crüe, Crashdïet and more. Despite the lack of respect from the critics, NASTY RATZ have had more and more shows and it took only few months to get outside their home country.

Unfortunately, the band was being slowed down by endless changes of the lineup. Fortunately, it still didn’t mean a small number of the played shows. That was probably the reason that Nasty Ratz got a chance to play a few times with  ADAM BOMB (USA), JunkYard 69 (GR), SANDNESS (IT) etc. in the Czech Republic and with CRAZY LIXX (SWE), TIGERTAILZ (UK), BAI BANG (SWE), THE LAST VEGAS (USA), CONFESS (SWE) in Germany during the first year of band’s existence. In the beginning of December, 2013, the band met for the rehearsal with the current guitarist Stevie Gunn. His licks became more difficult and Stevie became quickly respected by all the fans as the best guitarist, who had ever hit the band. After a few rehearsals, Nasty Ratz got an offer to play in Leipzig, Germany. Unfortunately, the bass player quit the band one week before the show.

The band was more than lucky because his post was taken by Serpenth of the black metal legend BELPHEGOR for this show. He also recorded the band’s 1st EP called “I Don’t Wanna Care” which became pretty popular around the glam/sleaze underground scene all around the world. The first 500 pieces were sold out in half a year. Following few shows were played in 3 (without a bass player) or with guesting players (for example another show in Germany with THE LAST VEGAS (USA), CONFESS (SWE), SHOCKING! HAZARD (UK) until May 2014 when Tommy Christen came and brought the instrumental part of “Angel In Me” which was finished by Jake’s melody and Steve’s rearranging of guitar works.

It just prepared the youtube channel for uploading the very first official videoclip called “N.A.S.T.Y.” Soon after that, Jake Widow has quit playing the guitar and has become singer only. In May 2015, the band started recording the full-lengh album called “First Bite” which was recorded for money of fans participating pledge campaign. Plus, the album is released by a bigger label “Sleaszy Rider” worldwide… In 2016, Christen leaves due to personal reasons and band hires Nikki Allin. Every member has signed a contract saying he wouldn’t leave in next 5 years.

– I Don´t Wanna Care [2014]
– First Bite [2015]

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