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Style AOR/Melodic Rock

Country USA
Back around 1987 Bon Jovi was handed a tape of a band called ‘Pretty Boy’ while on tour. At the time Jon was helping a lot of acts get signed…Cinderella, Enuff Z’nuff, Skid Row, etc. He liked what he heard on the tape and phoned the singer of the band. In conversation, they figured out that they would both be playing Winnipeg, Canada on the same night. Jon came in to see the band after his show and liked what he saw.

He had suggested a few changes in image and didn’t like the name of the band. It was around this time that two of the members left Pretty Boy and Jim Dilella and Dave Livingston were brought in. The band was being groomed to be the first act signed on Jon and Richie Sambora’s own record label, to be called ‘The Underground’. This included a writing session with them, input on the new material being written, etc. This was also around the time the band name change took place. At the end of the Bon Jovi ‘New Jersey’ tour, Richie and Jon had a (now well documented) falling out which led to uncertainty for the band Bon Jovi and an end to the aspirations of ‘The Underground’ record label. This put Mariah back to square one. Over the next year or two, they changed management and had many labels come to see them.

They finally landed interest from Atlantic Records. George Tutko (Cheap Trick, Andy Taylor, Rod Stewart, Duran Duran) was set to produce the first album. TWO WEEKS before flying out to LA to record their debut album their plans were cut short due to label budget constraints. Shortly after, Nirvana broke and it was the end of road for hair bands. Along the way Mariah either worked with or got to know some of the following bands: Warrant, Trixter, Firehouse, Tesla, Winger, Skid Row, Danger Danger, Britn’y Fox, etc.


– Mariah [1990]
– Somewhere Between Heaven And Earth [1991]
– III [1993]

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