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Country USA

Style Melodic Rock/Pop

Greg Pope is a native of Raleigh NC where he began studying drums and percussion at age 10. He spent his highschool years playing in rock bands with names that were never decided on and gigs that never materialized. In 1987 Greg co-formed Outer Limits with singer/guitar player Will Marley (Lustre, The Nickel Slots). The 3-piece original rock group toured the southeastern club circuit headlining and opening shows for The Romantics, Melissa Etheridge, and others. Greg cowrote and arranged songs with Will and shared bass guitar and drum duties with other Limits member, Rob Schladensky (Age Of Faith). The group released one self-titled 11 song CD on Missing Records, an independent label formed by its members.

In 1991 Greg began recording his first solo project in Chapel Hill, NC. He left Outer Limits the following year and began performing regionally as a solo artist. He released “A Really Cool Sunshine”, an 8 song CD on which he sang and played all the instruments, in the fall of 1992 on Missing Records. Though the music was guitar driven pop, the songs had an endearing quality that appealed to a wide age range. The disc sold well and was soon into its second pressing. It also received regional airplay and rave reviews from local and regional press.

He followed with the release of “Throwin’ Stones”, an 11 song CD, in the fall of 1994 and continued to have regional success. Local press deemed him “The Best Songwriter in the Triangle”. In September, 1995, Greg received a call from Patrick Andrew, bass player and singer for Sparrow Records Grammy nominated pop trio PFR. Andrew informed Greg of his intentions to start a new group as PFR would be breaking up in the coming year. He was looking for another singer songwriter and liked what he had heard on Greg’s independent releases. While the new group was still in the planning stages, PFR offered Greg a touring position as auxiliary guitar player and back-up vocalist. From March-September 1996 Greg toured nationally and internationally with PFR playing events as varied as the Nestle Chocolate Festival in Wisconsin and The Opstand Festival in Denmark.

While in Amsterdam on a night off, Greg and Patrick settled on the name for their new band: Eager. After auditioning several drummers they settled on Paul Eckberg, a local drummer from Minneapolis. With management and possible record company changes on the horizon, Patrick decided that the group should move to Nashville, TN to be closer to the industry. The decision proved fruitful as Eager was courted by several record labels upon their relocation. Greg called his long time friend and former band member Mark Kloos to offer him a guitar audition. Kloos accepted thus completing the four piece line-up.

In February 1997, amidst several offers, Eager signed an exclusive recording contract with Questar Mission Records, a Subsidiary of Questar Video Inc. in Chicago with distribution through Warner Brothers. “Eager”, an 11 song CD with 5 songs penned by Greg, 5 by Patrick and one cowrite, was released in August 1997. Eager toured extensively in the US and Canada headlining shows and sharing the stage with Carolyn Arrends, Bleach, Skillet, Small Town Poets, and The News Boys and others.  Greg had several charting singles with Eager. “Crimson for Downey Flake” reached the number 7 slot while “Blame” climbed to number 3. “Decide For You”  which had first appeared on one of his indi releases, stayed in the CCM top 20 for over 6 weeks and is still garnering airplay to this day. But in October, Questar video announced plans to dissolve Questar Mission Records, leaving Eager without a record label, tour support, or radio support. With Questar in control of their contract they could not negotiate with  another label.

Though Eager continued to tour, the 6 months that followed were personally and financially challenging. Pope left the group in May of 1998 and Eager disbanded that summer. Undettered, Pope kept writing songs and pursuing other possibilities. He spent most of 1999 recording and performing as a solo artist in the southeast. “I was just sticking my acoustic guitar in the trunk and playing all these coffee houses,” recalls Pope. ” I’d play my set and walk off stage every time thinking ‘that would have been 10 times better with a band’. Finally I was sitting on my back porch one night and it just hit me- I’m not a solo artist! I need to be, and have always been part of a rock band. That’s just my familiar world. ” By October 1999 the new band had it’s members and a name: Edmund’s Crown. By February 2000 it had a 7 song EP. By March it had music critics raving: “Ultra-catchy hook laden music. The chords weave around like a Beatles-based thrill ride, while the performance possesses the rock bravado of Nirvana.  Edmund’s Crown may soon be the kings of Nashville’s pop scene.”(

Since the release of it’s first full length CD, the band has premiered it’s songs on several network television shows including Dawson’s Creek, Providence, MTV’s WWF Tough Enough, and others.  You can catch Edmund’s Crown at a club near you. Check their tour dates here. Greg Pope has also been writing songs for other artists including the recent #1 AC single “Sufficiency of Grace” cut by artist Greg Long. Pope resides in the Nashville area with his family.

– Outer Limits [1991]

Greg Pope

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