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Country Argentine

Style Hard Rock

glator02La Torre was formed in 1981 with a musical style hard rock. The origins can be found in the band Nomady Soul, a group formed in 1975 that played Pop/rock with English lyrics. The formation of this band was: Gustavo Giles (bass), Richard Giles (drums), Pilu Camacho (guitar), Oscar Mediavilla (guitar), Luis muscolo (keyboards) and Patricia Sosa (vocals). In 1981, La Torre is formed with all members of Nomady Soul, but with Carlos Garcia Lopez Camacho on guitars instead. At the end of 1981 started recorded their first album that would be published the following year, during the Falklands War.

La Torre debuted to the public on September 17, 1982, but it was two months later, during their performance at the Rock IV BA festival, where they became revelation. Their first album, 1982, demonstrated the full capacity of the band, underpinned by the powerful voice and charisma of Patricia Sosa and guitar work of Oscar Mediavilla, author of the issues and partner of the singer.

The group went through several member changes: in 1983, Jota Morelli replaced Ricardo Giles on drums, and Fernando Lupano Gustavo Giles on bass. The popularity rising group and settlement in the vocal energy of Patricia Sosa, who also happened to compose and was chosen as the “best singer” in the polls of 1983, widely raised the popularity of the band. Also Patricia was responsible for the Buenos Aires radio stations go on foot (to save money for singing lessons), and thus hand deliver their material to broadcasters and dj’s.

In 1984 there were new member changes, Beto topini replaced Jota Morelli and late 1985 Gady Pampillón replaced Carlos Garcia Lopez, after editing just want to rock and roll. In 1986 joined bassist Ricky Matut, replacing Fernando Lupano to be the band of Charly García. Between August and September 1988, the band embarks on a tour of the Soviet Union, one of the first groups of foreign rock in play behind the Iron Curtain (at full opening to the West), where they perform 27 concerts in 28 days, with a total attendance close to 300,000 people.

The band dissolved in early 1989, at the beginning of the solo career of Patricia Sosa, who turned more towards melodic and romantic music, keeping in its early part of La Torre (Ricky Matut and John Forcada).  On Saturday 9th and Sunday June 10, 2012, La Torre reunites after 23 years of walking on different paths. Following “From La Torre”, the album tribute to Patricia Sosa released in May, the group performed two concerts having Puyó special guest Claudia and Marta Mediavilla, the daughter of Patricia and Oscar, who participated in choirs. Three musicians were honored by Patricia Sosa: Pappo, singing “My old”; Estela Raval, with “My eternal love” and Spinetta, to sing “Girl, paper eyes”.

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– La Torre [1982]
– Viaje a la libertad [1983]
– Sólo quiero rock and roll [1984]
– Presas de caza [1986]
– En vivo [1987]
– Movimiento [1988]

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