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Country Brazil

Style Hard Rock

In eclectic times that embrace a wide variety of styles and eras, we see the birth and re-birth of numerous bands that are heavily influenced by the great names of 70’s rock. Rarely, however, do we hear bands that risk comparison to the true hard rock style of the seventies vanguard while incorporating their own sound rather than cloning what’s gone before. In King Bird, however, we get all this, and more.

The band was formed in the middle of 2002, in São Paulo, Brazil with a commitment to release the energy, harmony, lyrics and complete musical expression of the seventies. They show notable influences of Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rainbow, Foghat and Free. While taking full advantage of modern sound systems, the band demonstrates a broad musical knowledge that covers blues, jazz, classical and soul while never deviating from good ol’ rock’n’roll. This is what gives King Bird an intense and unusual feel.

The band comprises a line-up of experienced musicians: João Luiz, lead vocals, Silvio Lopes, lead guitar, Marcelo Ladwig, drums, and Fábio César on bass.

The first demo CD of the band, The God’s Train, launched in 2003 was acclaimed by many of the most respected brazilian rock publications such as Roadie Crew, Rock Brigade and the Whiplash website, among others.

The debut album Jaywalker, released in 2005, certainly satisfies rock’n’roll enthusiasts with its bass, riffs, solos, vocals, harmonies, refrains and arrangements, bringing an interesting new take to a familiar theme. Jaywalker passes through the whole gamut of styles from both traditional and bluesy Rock’n’Roll, through Southern Rock, to arriving at more complex compositions that flirt with Progressive Rock in places.

The album was recorded at Mr. Som studios(Brazil) between October 2004 and April 2005 with special guests Hélcio Aguirra, lead guitarist of the band Golpe de Estado, Marcelo Schevano, lead guitarist and vocalist of the band Carro Bomba who helped with the arrangements of the Hammond organ and the experienced Heros Trench, lead guitarist of the band Korzus who also co-produced the album with the band.

The album Jaywalker has been received by the specialist rock magazines as one of the biggest revelations in Brazilian rock’n’roll in 2005, with word of the band continuing to spread as they have participated in heavy rock festivals such as Brazil Rock In Concert 2006 alongside the legendary English band Uriah Heep in the Canecão-RJ, the Anniversay of the program Stage Diving in Presidente Prudente, Jaguariúna Rock Festival and numerous other shows alongside the great national rock’n’roll bands such as Golpe de Estado and Torture Squad.

Now, King Bird is finishing its new album SUNSHINE!! Again with many important special guests like Andreas Kisser from Sepultura, Maurício Nogueira from Torture Squad, Heros Trench & Silvio Golfetti from Korzus, this next album will hit the road on next March, 2008!!

King Bird’s live act is worth noting. They perform a tight set that combines raw energy and an easy professionalism. The virtuoso guitar solos of Silvio Lopes and the powerful, soulful voice of João Luiz, are set to the steady backdrop of Fábio and Marcelo in pleasing all tastes and leaving no-one in doubt that the band love their work. It’s no surprise that João Luiz has already been dubbed João “Ronnie James Dio” Luiz on account of the timbre of his voice and his excellent work with bands such as Electric Funeral (a Black Sabbath tribute, with Vitão Bonesso and Andreas Kisser), Evil Eyes (a Dio, Black Sabbath and Rainbow cover band, with Silvio Lopes), Spacetruckin’ (a Deep Purple cover), Rain Song (a Led Zeppelin cover) and Snakeland (a David Coverdale unplugged tribute band).

So, pour out your chosen scotch on the rocks, turn up the volume and fasten your seat belt, as the members of King Bird always say, ROCK’N’ROLL GOES ON FOREVER!!!




– Jaywalker [2007]
– Sunshine [2008]

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