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Country Spain

Style Melodic Hard Rock

To talk about Júpiter, we first have to go back in time and mention something about GOLIATH, band that recorded a self titled album in 1985. Due to some inner issues in the band and some members leaving it, they later changed their name into Júpiter. The band featured two former members of Goliath : Javier Ponce (guitar) and José Barta (keyboards), plus the new ones : Narci López (ex-Babel) vocals, José Rubio as a bassist and Juan Jesús García as drummer. The new band had a music style similar to the Goliath one, who used to play Classic Heavy Metal, even if they tried to sound more like the in-fashion bands of that era : Bon Jovi, Whitesnake or Europe.

Thanks to Mariano García they recorded their very first record in 1988 under the « Twins » label. This album was a cult in the 80’s spanish rock thanks to tracks like : “Suspenso en Amor”, “Destrozado por Tu Pasión”, “Prisionero de la Noche” or “Dama de Hielo”, great tracks, even if one can’t say the same about the sound. Despite the negative critics, the band toured, starred in some tv programs and started thinking about their second album.

To record their second album, the band went through some changes starting from their line-up : Guillermo Pascual joined in as keyboardist and Carlos León as drummer. The most important fact was to record for a multinational company such as Polygram. That very same year, the band travelled to London to record their second album, “Radio Rock n’ Roll”, in the Brook House studios, prodecued by Mariano García and John Eden as sound engineer. Polygram was so thrilled about the band that had the intention to record an English version of the album to launch them through Europe.

Radio Rock n’ Roll sounded a bit like the band’s first album and, even if it didn’t reach the quality of it, it really had good tracks in such as : “Chica de Fuego” or “Pagarás mi Amor”. The album came out for sale in Autumn 1988 with a disastrous result : low selling rates and only a few people attending their concerts. After all that, the band decided to split-up.

A little is known about its members since then : José Barta joined the band of José Carlos Molina, Ñu. Narci joined a band called Moby Dick and now he’s a singing teacher (among his students he had Ebony Ark and Arwen). Guillermo Pascual joined Ángeles del Infierno with whom he’s still playing and recording albums. Javier Ponce decided to leave the music scene to become a policeman.

– Jupiter [1986]
– Radio Rock ‘N’ Roll [1988]




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