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Country USA

Style Hard Rock
Jesse Strange consisted of the elite musicians/songwriters of the Southeast region of the U.S. Prior to the formation of Jesse Strange, lead vocalist Grant Tibor and guitarist Scott Migone were kicking ass in a premier band called “Cypress” which Grant had transferred from North Dakota to record at the infamous Criteria Studio..s in Miami with Mike Fuller. Scott Migone previously had been working with bassist Danny Lullie in the high voltage group “Valentino.” Scott stayed back in Miami as “Valentino” relocated to Los Angeles seeking it’s fortune.

Meanwhile drummer Paul Trust was honing his incredible drumming skills as he was finishing his degree at the University of Miami as a studio engineer. Paul and Grant hooked up after Scott went touring overseas with the hot twins babes of “Gypsy Queen” and starting working on the album. While being back on break from Europe, Scott decided to hook back up with Grant and Paul upon hearing the first few cuts off the album. Danny soon followed after returning from Los Angeles. Together the band wrote, produced and recorded their debut album.

Their first single “Love on the telephone” was a most requested song on many of the radio stations throughout the country, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee and Orlando to name a few. Amazingly this was done without being signed to any label. Shortly thereafter Gerry Greenberg of Sony..s Epic/WTG records signed the band in 1991. However, Sony had signed Michael Jackson to a mega deal for his “Black and White” album forcing all the acts signed to Sony to be delayed until 1992 for releasing. The Jesse Strange debut wasn..t released until April of 1992, although it was well received in America as well as Europe. 

Grunge and alternative soon became the flavor of the decade and all the hair bands along with Jesse Strange were soon dumped along with their long locks of hair and leather jackets like a hung over and abused groupie come sun-up after the tour bus takes off. Jesse Strange recorded a number of tunes before, during and after their debut album. In February 2006, the band made these tunes available to the fans, independently releasing Looking For Some Strange.

– Jesse Strange [1992]
– Looking For Some Strange [2006]

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