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STYLE: CCM Melodic Hard Rock
PhotobucketChristian music rarely achieves column inches in the mainstream rock press, and that fate also befell late 80s US rock group Idle Cure, despite their obvious musical talents. Idle Cure was a hard/arena rock band based ouf of Long Beach, California. The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music calls their sound “the best example of cloning a sound for Christian markets”, likening it to that of Def Leppard’s Pyromania. They targeted a youthful audience, distinguished by overtly religious lyrics, even evangelical lyrics.

Idle cure’s self titled debut album originally hit the scene in ’86, and although admittedly the majority of the album has not fared well over time, such classic songs as ‘Silent Hoes’, ‘Come Back To Me’ and ‘Come Alive’ stand firm as fine examples of early christian art by a group of competent musicians, whose early work can now be enjoyed thanks to KMG’s decision to re-release both Idle Cure’s debut and ‘2nd Avenue’. At the turn of the decade, with the release of ‘2nd Avenue’, Idle Cures sound had altered in keeping with the change in musical trends. Even some nine years on from its original release in ’90, ‘2nd Avenue’ is a wonderful blast of nostalgia when AOR arguably hit its peak. Such anthems as ‘Human Solution’ and the superb ‘Dead Or ALive” seem to have faired relatively well over time on one disc, AOR fans are without excuse!,

What I love about Idle Cure is their never ending commitment of giving serious and in depth warnings about the things of this world that are fleeting. And also their uncanny knack of touching on the weaknesses we share as a whole race. The song “Pray” has to be my favourite Idle song ever, this track proves you can put a hard message with hard music! This track is then followed by another awesome heavy “It’s No Fun Anymore” wiht brilliant Vocals by Steve Shannon! And also the brilliant ballads like “Come Back to me” from Idle Cure. This song is an amzingly beautiful love song! Enough to make you cry. Almost All thier albums are incredibles. Idle cure never fail to deliver potent albums each time. It is a massive shame they have disbanded! COME BACK!,They can go hard and they can go soft, both effectively. The added saxophone is something they lacked on other albums.

The lead singers voice was better on their original debut than later. (this album) “Breakaway” is great, but “Come Back to Me” is a decent love song also,If you like hair bands…then this music is for you. Great lyrics that honestly express our humanity. Great instrumentation, great guitar riffs. Keyboards are the style that was played during this era, but are very well done. If you like Whiteheart, Servant, or Legend Seven then add this band to your collection.FinallyTalk about a blowaway! Even the ballads are absolutely amazing, especially “Where Is The Love” from Inside Out and “How Long” from Tough Love.

These albums are amazingly well produced by Billy Baumgart! Top notch performance from Mark Amb on songs like “One For The Money” and “We’ve Lost Ground” The song I love the most is probably the awesome and iommensely powerful “Who Cries For Me”, this song is an excellent song, with a hard hitting message that should make some people think about their actions! Altogether, this band combines two flaming on fire records that can not ever be possibly dissed!


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– Idle Cure [1986]
– Tough Love [1988]
– 2nd Avenue [1990]
– Inside Out [1991]
– Breakaways [1992]
– Eclipse [1994]

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