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Country USA

Style Alternative Metal/Hard Rock/Metalcore

After many years playing in different bands, learning lessons the hard way, and learning the ins and outs of the music industry. Markus Wells (formerly of Twitch) out of Jackson, MI got together will Al Consiglio (formerly of Soulfetch) out of Chicago, IL. Both deciding to take a break from music, but needed to scratch the itch, started working on some new material. Finding it hard to do without a drummer. As they worked together in many projects before, Mad Mike (formerly of Twitch and Markus younger brother) out of Jackson, MI soon joined the ranks to tryout some new material and have some fun all together. After completing 3 songs, it was clear, a band of guys trying to scratch the itch needed to happen.

Trawling myspace and facebook didn’t turn up much for a singer and a bass player. Markus was at, their now sponsor, tattoo shop Steel Creations for a session with Mike Davis. Mike says that he found their new singer. He tossed a demo disc into Markus lap. During a break they popped it into the cd player and heard an eclectic mix of Zack Wylde meets Aaron Lewis over a somber acoustic melody. Markus called Terry White (formerly of Massagga and Shelter) out of Brooklyn, MI to see if he’d be interested in auditioning for the unnamed musical self help group. Terry agreed and the following weekend, Macy (his English bulldog) at his side, showed up and that’s when the magic happened.

Along with Terry came a familiar face to Mike and Markus, Mr. Tony Zazz, who had previously played with the two in Twitch. Tony came in to his audition with his smooth southern rock style and trademark work boots, that meshed well with Big Al’s nu metal vibe, Markus classic crazy metal madness, Mad Mike’s full throttle drumming, and Terry’s soft acoustic style vocals and a newly learned scream. After the boys put their noses to the grindstone for about 3 months, the self help musical group found their first show and more importantly a name. Hollow Drive, is what this group of heavy humored, fun loving band of brothers will be called.

The name was chosen for the reasons that throughout all their careers in music, gimmicks, facepaint, props, images, egos, and useless propaganda had clouded everything, especially the music. The destination of Hollow Drive was clear, to have fun and entertain their friends. The classic tragic story of The Mississippi Crossroads resembled what they had experienced. Little known fact is that the names of the two roads are Memory Lane and Hollow Drive. One last chance for the fallen. One last shot.

Starting out at a little bar in Jackson, MI called Motorheads Hollow Drive took the stage for the first time together on April 11, 2009 with A New Revolution and Tragic Orange. Knowing the steps to take from previous experience, it was time to get to work once they realized that other people liked what they do just as much as they did. So they booked and promoted. Soon they were drawing by the 100’s and there was a heavy buzz in Southern Michigan about the new band on the scene.

The hard work started to show by the band getting show offers to open for a few smaller National acts such as Ashes of Soma, Joan Red, Tragic Orange, Tension Head, to name a few. Being that all the guys grew up in Michigan, they knew what the scene was and more importantly, knew what it should be. Hollow Drive began a charge that joined Michigan bands together that drew attention from the National acts. Always willing to help a fellow Michigan band with a show, ride, equipment, or anything else that could be offered has echoed throughout the state and brought forth a comradery amongst bands. Not giving all the credit to Hollow Drive, of course, as there has been many other bands with this attitude. Pop Evil, Tension Head, Anarchy, Taproot, Sponge, have all pioneered this road. Hollow Drive was the addition that lead to this attitude taking over the typical dog eat dog way of working with each other.

The band was then able to begin playing out of town, meeting more bands and promoters that liked what they heard. More importantly, what they felt. From the energetic, “don’t know where to look” next stage show, to the respect, and relentless assistance shown by Hollow Drive. The band decided to hit the studio and record a teaser for their album From The Ashes in June of 2009. The teaser featured tracks Stay and Erectal off the 14 track album From The Ashes that would come out later that fall. With this, they did their first photo shoot with photographer Juan Beltran and came out with their first line of T Shirts. Shortly after the release of the teaser demo, Tony Zazz had to leave the band due to personal issues in early July and Hollow Drive was left without a bass player. The band continued to tour playing from July to October without a bass player.

After playing with bands such as Soulfly, Prong, Cattle Decapitation, and Dope the band had drew a large following in the Detroit area. Playing with such bands as Ashes of Soma, Season’s After, Track Fighter, Frequency 54, 4ft Ravine, and Death Valley Dragline they soon made a name for themselves in Lansing. So on in Flint, Saginaw, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Adrian, Ann Arbor, Bay City, Jackson, and Brooklyn.

It came to a point that when nationals came to Michigan, they requested Hollow Drive to be their opener to the promoters or venues they were working with. The mentality that the nationals are guests in the state and it’s the locals job to draw and help pay the bills was found to be very much appreciated by all. The summer season was coming to an end. Rockapalooza was a great festival to close out the season with. Hollow Drive played 2nd stage opening for headliner Smile Empty Soul, playing in front of 3, 500 of their fellow Michigan family. The bands motto is “5 or 5,000, you give it 100%.” They’d played to 5 people and bar stools, but this was the closest to 5,000.

This pumped them up right before their break in September to record the rest of From The Ashes and search for a new bass player. During this break they got a show offer they couldn’t refuse. Sponge at Hog’s Palace in Jackson, MI. Sponge was the 1st live rock show Markus ever went to and this show meant a lot to him. Being that Hollow Drive is all about friendship and family, being able to introduce his father to Vinny of Sponge was a monumental moment in his life and career. Hollow Drive performed an amazing show that night, which caught the attention of Span and Mojo from Q106, Lansings rock station. Also were noticed by DM3 magazine and published an interview with the band. In September Hollow Drive did their 1st radio interview at Q106 and it’s first magazine interview with DM3 Magazine.

While recording, they soon found their low end. Sam Wagner (formerly of Therapy Black, Anarchy) out of Albion, MI joined the ranks of Hollow Drive thanks to his amazingly sweet disposition and that he loves pizza almost as much as the rest of the guys! Days after breaking the news to Sam that he was Hollow Drive’s newest member, Markus received a call from a then Bill from Dirtbag Clothing to the now Murderface Marchesano. Hollow Drive received a sponsorship from Dirtbag in October 2009 and joined their TSP, TSE, and Affiliate programs.

With new album done early in October, it was time to get Sam out and get his feet wet. Hollow Drive jumped back as if they’d never left, playing to the large crowds of alcoholic vampires that they’re known for. With Sam comfortable and in full effect, being the perfect addition, it was off to Milwaukee, WI to open for Lamb Of God, Gwar, and Job For A Cowboy at The Rave. As seen on the popular Youtube videos by Hollow Drive you’ll find Randy Blythe in a clip telling the camera, “If you don’t like Hollow Drive, go F$*k Yourself,” as many other bands can be found doing. Hollow Drive hit Madison, WI and then returned home for their Cd Release party in Clarklake, MI. With an unexpected break from their tour with Season’s After and Awaken The Fallen due to plans changing out of either’s control. The band was able to pick up Jam Heads as another sponsor for stage gear in November of 2009.

Over the next month Hollow Drive continued their tour of consistent 3, 4, and 5 days runs as a local unsigned act. Playing all over Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and continuing to hammer the great state of Michigan. After playing their 1st sold out show in Detroit, MI at Simons After Dark, it was their last show of the year and time for a break. They took the holidays off to be with their families and were back on the road in Pontiac, MI January 3rd. During the Holiday break Mad Mike was able to pick up a sponsorship from Saluda Cymbals in January of 2010. The band at this point was receiving heavy press from Reel Detroit, Ragtimes, Metro Times, The Citizen Patriot, The Onion, The Review, The Blade, and many other local newspapers and magazines. The exposure was doing its job and the people were growing. At this point the band had sold over 800 copies of it’s demo, 500 copies of it’s album in 2 months, 100’s of Hollow Drive T Shirts and Dirtbag Apparel, 150,000 hits on its Myspace page, over 750 friends on FaceBook, 5 sponsors, 2 radio and 5 internet radio stations playing their music, countless magazine and newspaper articles, and their loyal group of what they refer to as their FANmly growing larger by the minute.

Something doesnt feel %100 percent right and Terry White decided to leave the band, and in came Ryan Grove. We continued on with our heavy road raging, touring town after town… then came time to hit the studio for release number 3. “The Architect” hit the merch table in January of 2011, and it was off to an amazing start with a cd release party with Nonpoint at the Michigan theater in Jackson. with a full head of steam hollow drive hits the road again traveling to new places they have never been before, meeting new people, delivering the same great live show… and just went we thought we were making a little head way, Ryan decides that he does not enjoy life on the road and want to have a more normal life, which is understandable. the boys part on good terms hoping good things for Ryan’s future. but know as we sit at a cross roads, we have now gone through another singer. from turmoil comes unity and we realized that the 4 people still in this band are not going any where and we will do what is necessary to push on. we audition a few new singer and as we sit in a Meijer parking lot in Illinois we realize that all the things we are looking for are right here, and the 4 piece is born. trying to salvage what we could we get dropped from our management, booking agent, label and most sponsor abandon us. still we tread on, getting further away from home. the end of the year comes and it is time for the studio once again with all that had happened that year i made for some good song writing, and “Einheit 20/20” is ready for the world to hear.

Hollow Drive strives to continue to be the same good hearted group of best friends, who maintain their respect for anyone who bleeds red. Though in a tough economy, when jobs are scarce, people are scared, exhausted, and stressed, give them a night of fun. Invite them into Hollow Drives world, where everyone has a smile on their face, their heart beats a little harder, and their problems melt away. Whether it be a intense and hilarious live show where Markus runs across the bar and outside with his guitar, Al does his sumo stomp, Sam does the runnin’ man, and you think Mad Mike might come over his drum set and dry hump your hip. Or you just pop our cd into the player and rockout with your foot on the coffee table jamming the air guitar. Remember that we’re all in this together.


– From the Ashes [2009]
– Into the Dark [2010]
– Einheit 20/20 [2012]






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