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PhotobucketLooking back, HAVEN actually started in three different cities when John, Pamme and Michael were barely teenagers when they realized that music would forever be their life long companion. The cities are different, but the stories are all very similar. The names HAVE NOT been changed!
For Pamme, it all started when her parents bought her a portable radio cassette recorder and gave it to her for Junior High School graduation. She spent that whole summer forcing her reluctant friends to monitor her progress as she sang them her renditions of that summer’s Top 40! One night, someone had a party behind her house and when she heard a band playing, she jumped the fence and crashed it. Upon hearing their singer had not shown up, Pamme said “ Uh, I’m a singer!” Next thing she knew she was singing “Get Back” by the Beatles. She left the party with the band’s managers phone number written on her left wrist in lipstick. Although it took her 2 weeks to conjure up the courage to call him, she’s never forgotten how in the blink of an eye, it was as though the skies just opened up and filled her with a sense of joy and purpose that has yet to be extinguished. And thus started Pamme’s singing career!

For John, it all started when he was at his best friend’s house and they happened to go into his best friend’s brother’s room and found a guitar lying on the bed. John picked it up and from that moment on was fascinated by the guitar. His best friend told John his brother’s band was playing at the local YMCA that night and they went to see them. That was it. John wanted to be a rock n’ roll star. About a year later John heard someone playing their stereo out of their bedroom window and couldn’t believe the music he was hearing. He was so moved that he went up and rang the doorbell to find out what band was playing on the record player. The reply was UFO, and the song was “Rock Bottom.”
And the fire raged on…
PhotobucketFor Michael, it all started when he put on his first Beatles record. Paul McCartney stirred something deep inside him as a song writer and musician.
Other influences include. Rush, Led Zepplin, Jeff Buckley, Stanley Clarke and anythng good, especially the “British Music” scene.

All three group members played in numerous copy bands and eventually found their ways to their first all original bands. Pamme’s first band began when drummer Matt Sorum from Velvet Revolver, Guns n’ Roses and The Cult fame called and said, “Hey Pamme got a band?” Having stayed in touch, she later hooked up with him again to record drums on Haven’s debut CD “The Road”.

The band was formed when the members each answered ads in a local music magazine. The band played live shows for a while and developed their songwriting skills. They decided to take time off from playing and record and produce an entire album. When the album was finished, they started selling it in local music stores and were really surprised at the response it got. They also started posting their music on a few websites.

Then one day, Haven received an email from someone affiliated with a European record label. The guy says he loves what he hears and that he is looking for a couple of bands to sign or produce for a European label he works with. So they send him a package and then he forwards it on to the head of Now & Then/Frontiers Records. About 3 weeks later Haven receives an email from the head of the company saying they want to sign them! From there it was all a matter of working out the details of the contract. That’s how it happened. And all because they decided to put their music up on the web!

The bands first CD “The Road” was then released and received rave reviews. The band signed the deal for two records so they will soon start writing and recording for their follow up to “The Road.” There has already been talk of having some “special guest” players on the next record. Announcements for this will be updated in the bands news section! Please check back as the review and interview sections will be updated periodically.

Special guest players include Matt Sorum on drums, (Guns n’ Roses and The Cult Bourgeois Pigs) and Robin McAuley, background vocals, (MSG-McAuley Schenker Group). The band has many musical influences which have melded together to give Haven their own distinctive sound. Haven explores and provides a solid offering of life-giving lyrics and introspection, woven amidst a melodic storm of high-powered vocals and guitar work. They write from the heart, based not upon calculated efforts to clone the latest trend, but to use their music as a vehicle to uplift, heal and entertain, never forgetting why they started making music in the first place… They love it!

The band has many diverse musical influences. Pamme the Lead Vocalist and Lyricist was inspired by Kansas, Heart, Deep Purple, and Journey. She was inspired by these bands because of Steve Walsh, Ann Wilson and Steve Perry; three great singers and performers.
Michael the Bass, Keyboard and Rythm Guitar player was inspired by Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Rush, Jeff Buckley, Sting, and various Pop bands.
John the guitar player was inspired by UFO (Michael Schenker), Black Sabbath, Rush, Deep Purple, Robin Trower, The Beatles, and classical music. Mix all that together and you have a pretty wide influence of musical styles which all add up to… Haven!


– Haven [2001]

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