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Country USA

Style Glam / Hard Rock

Foxy Roxx was the brainchild of Tony Starlin & T.J. Jovan in 1989. At the time, Tony was the drum god & T.J. slung a mean guitar. The first lineup was horrible & Tony & T.J. set out in search of a new singer & bass player. Tony discovered an add in BAM Magazine stating that 2 young glam studs, Dennis Sinned & Trash, based in Anaheim, were looking for a drummer & guitar player to start a band. Tony soon called & the Foxy Roxx movement had begun. The practices were held in Anaheim, roughly a 1 1/2 hour commute for the San Diego based Tony & T.J., but it didn’t matter.

The foundation was set for a great rock n’ roll band to conquer the world. Many shows were to follow, including some in Mexico City, in which Foxy Roxx would entertain the likes of 2500 screaming fans. Trash had soon decided that the Mexico was the place for him to live, & with the rest of the band not speaking any Spanish whatsoever, decided to part ways.

In search of another guitar player, in stepped Rochelle, an extremely talented musician with the look & moves of a star. Foxy was once again on there way to the top. Then tragedy struck the band when lead singer Dennis Sinned was diagnosed with Cancer & passed away. Before his passing, Dennis made Tony promise to keep this band together no matter what happens & also told Tony that he had the utmost confidence that Tony should step from the drum kit & be the bands new singer. Reluctantly, Tony made that promise to Dennis. After Dennis’ passing & with Tony the new frontman, a drummer was now needed. Tony remembered this kid he used to know in high school, Robby Tripp, that beat the skins like nobody’s business.

Tony & Robby were extremely competitive in those days. One day, Robbys’ band would have fire, the next, Tony would have an inferno. One day, Robbys’ band would have lites, the next, Tony would have the sun. Anyway, Tony & Robby ran into each other @ a Kiss signing & Tony offered Robby a temp gig playing the drums while they searched for a permanent replacement. Needless to say, they have been together ever since.

Around the same time, Rochelle was having serious issues outside of the band & was asked to leave. In stepped Jerry Vayne, a goatee having, Doc Marten wearing metal head, asked by Tony if he wanted a temp gig to play a few shows & help the boys finish up there first cd. The chemistry was right between Jerry & the Foxy boys & once the goatee was shaved, the Doc’s burnt & the makeup applied, the induction/transformation was complete. Soon after the first cd, “Shake The

Foundation” was complete, T.J. had decided to also leave the band & the search began again, this time for a new bass player. Along came Bobby Soxx, who had answered an add in a local magazine that stated the band was looking for a bass player into Kiss, Motley Crue, & Poison. For Bobby, this was a dream come true & for the band, the lineup was finally solidified & turned into the Ultimate Rock N’ Roll Machine, a Good Time Party Rock N’ Roll Band For The Ages.

Foxy Roxx has played with several headlining acts including Dokken, Great White, Tuff, The Zero’s, Enuff Z’Nuff, Slaughter, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Kiss, Warrant, LA Guns, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bang Tango, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Impotent Sea Snakes, Kiss Tribute Band Black Diamond, The Phil Lewis Band, & recently C.C. Deville. They were also chosen as “Breakout Pick Of The Year” in San Diego, 1996 & nominated for “Best Glam Band” in the annual Rock City News Awards for 1997 & 1998.

– Shake The Foundation [1995]
– Mixed Up World [1997]

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