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Style Hard Rock

Forever Young was formed in the late 1980’s when longtime friends Hot shot local LA singer Paul Gold and OC Guitar virtuoso Ronny North cobined efforts. Both of them were tired of their current bands and wanted to strike out on their own. The longtime friends decided to team up and start a new project…A few weeks after forming their new partnership the two had written most of the songs that defined the Forever Young sound. After extensive auditions to find the right rhythm section and going through all the available talent pool in Hollywood they were at a loss. It seemed finding the right fit was harder than expected. The duo knew what they were looking for, Just not who. They had to both be very talented musically and not only look the part, but had to have the right energy, chemistry, and charisma that was needed to round out this band. Finally, during one last search for a suitable bassist and drummer. They found drummer Rick Horwat and bassist Steve Petropol. They had both recently relocated together from Maryland to try their luck at the Hollywood music scene. They came in together and nailed the audition. Ronny and Paul agreed on the spot they found their guys to complete their vision.

They started rehearsing immediately and were soon ready to start playing out live. At this point they realized that they needed just the right name for the project. After all four members brain stormed with no name in sight. Paul came up with the Forever Young name. They got together with a professional graphic artist to create a logo. Now the guys were ready to go. They booked their first show with a local promoter whom Ronny knew from an earlier band. After they the show date was selected. The band got together for the very first FY photo shoot which took place with a photographer at a little photo studio in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say the shoot went great, as well as their debut show….It was obvious from the first show that the guys were on the right track. Soon after, they were tearing up the Sunset Strip along side all the other Hollywood heavyweights of the day , better yet, they were holding their own. They quickly built up a large dedicated following and even managed to land themselves in the pages of National Geographic Magazine where they were featured with a full-page color picture of the band on stage during one of their headlining shows at Gazzarrii’s….The band quickly got known for their catchy songs, high energy, and beautiful female background singers. Forever Young was one of the top drawing acts on the infamous Sunset Strip.

They played up and down the Sunset Blvd. When you saw Forever Young, You could always count on fact that they would put on a great show with Hollywood style and attitude every time they played. The guys quickly realized they needed to put out a record asap and en-listed former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson to produce and engineer what would become the Forever Young EP. The band worked hard at getting the songs as tight as possible and then banged out the tracks at Jeff’s studio in record time with Jeff manning the helm and keeping everyone on track. As Ronny states, it was all our first time working with someone of Jeff’s caliber, not to mention they were all Dokken fans and here they we were in Jeff’s studio tracking their own record. “He couldn’t have been cooler to us and was so supportive”….The EP was released to great reviews.With the memorable song “never say goodnight” and the power ballad ” Can’t get you out of my mind”. The record recieved lots of local and national airplay with tons of press as well. The band started getting major record label interest, but when the smoke cleared nothing ever became of it.

The record got lots of local and national airplay with tons of press as well. But, then the music industry changed and the LA Hollywood glam thing was dead virtually over night. The guys decided to just call it a day and left as friends. As Ronny and Paul state, “We do what we do , We are who we are…”and that was completely out of fashion in the early 90’s…. “The worst thing you can do, is to try to be something you’re not, and they weren’t a grunge band” they called it a day. Paul went on to do his solo thing, Ronny with his instrumental rock guitar ,which is what he has since become known for. Rick and Steve continued on with various Hollywood bands before returning to Maryland to pursue other avenues. Both would eventually start careers, families and prospered. That would usually be the end, until 25 years later when Ronny got an interesting email from an indy record label that re-issued obscure music from Hollywood bands of the 80’s.

The label was putting out a compilation CD with a bunch of 80’s bands from Hollywood for a benefit relief effort and they wanted to know if Forever Young would like to contribute one of their old songs for the CD. Ronny thought it was an interesting proposition and dropped Paul a call to chat about it. The two had remained friends all these years. They both quickly agreed that this would be an interesting idea if it was done right. Ronny decided to up the deal by recording a brand new Forever Young song for the project. The first new Forever Young song in 25 years. Ronny quickly wrote the new music and came up with the song title in his recording studio and sent it off to Paul to see what he thought. Paul dug it and quickly came up with the lyrics and melody to what would become the new Forever Young song called “Tonight”. The interesting thing about the new song for the label was, they only had a few weeks to record and mix the song so they could get it to the label to meet their deadline. Both Paul and Ronny agreed that they needed to get Jeff Pilson involved in the project since he was responsible for getting the original Forever Young sound on record back in the 80’s. Jeff was now the bassist for the band Foreigner and was always on the road.

Just as luck would have it, Jeff had a few free days in the band’s recording window and agree to help with the project. To save time Ronny tracked, produced, and engineered all the music at his recording studio and Jeff produced and tracked all the vocals with Paul at Jeff’s recording studio. After it was all tracked, Ronny called on his good friend former Alice Cooper / RATT guitarist Keri Kelly to mix the song. At the time Keri was on tour in Russia , but was scheduled to be home for a few days, once again in the Forever Young time frame….The stars were definitely lining up in the guys favor for the new song for sure… Keri came home and mixed the song in nothing flat on his own and did a couple final tweaks while Paul and Ronny were with him at his studio.The new Forever Young song was finished in time. As luck would have it, the record company didn’t have everything together on their end and the CD got scrapped. By a stroke of fate FNA Records came up to the plate and offered to put out the original EP out with the new song as a bonus track. Things definitely do happen for a reason….The new re-issue of the Forever Young EP will be released in 2014 and the band does plan on doing some long awaited live shows and are already recording new songs for an all new Forever Young CD to be released in late 2014…..There is definitely a lot more to come from Forever Young… You can bet on it!!!!

– Never Say Goodnight [2014]

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