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Country Sweden

Style Funk Hard Rock


They were formed by Conny Bloom (real surname: Blomqvist) (guitar/vocals) and Andy Christell (bass). Originally a duo, they signed for Polygram and scored a local Swedish hit with the single “All Lips and Hips” in 1988, which according to some people is their best song so far. This early version of what would become perhaps the band’s best-known hit also appeared that same year in America on the soundtrack to the movie Feds. The band then added second guitarist Franco Santunione and drummer Niklas Sigevall.

In 1989, the band’s debut album Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride, including a revamped version of “All Lips and Hips” was a success in Europe, and they picked up a strong following in Britain, where, as well as headlining small clubs, they supported Thunder. When headlining Newcastle upon Tyne, Riverside club, the band were joined on stage by the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, who were performing in the same venue at around the same time. The following year, the album was released in America, where they also became moderately successful, thanks to the singles “All Lips and Hips” and “Psychedelic Eyes.” However, the follow-up album Groovus Maximus did not emerge until 1992, by which time grunge had swept all before it and the album was overall inferior to the debut.

By the end of an American tour to promote it supporting Mr. Big, the band had lost Santunione and Sigevall and both North American and European record deals. Outgoing members were replaced by former Mogg drummer Thomas Broman and Martin Thomander (second guitar) and this line up released the band’s third album, Freewheelin’ on the Music For Nations label in Britain. The album attracted little interest and the band dissolved. In 2005, founders Bloom and Christell joined Hanoi Rocks.

The Groovus Maximus album was recorded at the Abbey Road Studios in London. There were two music videos made from that album: “Mary in the Mystery World” and “Dying to be Loved.” The “Dying to be Loved” video only had a budget of ¬£100.

The band reformed in 2009 and released And Them Boys Done Swang in 2011.¬†With their comeback 2011 album the Boys marked a warm return for a band many fans have waited to see perform and record again, and this new record is even better, including some songs that gonna be Electric Boys staples right out the gate.After step in the stages again the guys had so much fun that they decided to make another album with their unique brand of hard rock with power funk and here it is, titled “Starflight United”.



– Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride [1989]
– Groovus Maximus [1992]
– Freewheelin’ [1994]
– And Them Boys Done Swang [2011]
– Starflight United [2014]


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