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Country Argentina

Style Hard Rock

El Reloj

To talk about this band we have to go back to the 70’s, when Eduardo Frezza and Willy Gardi decided to look for members to form a band; both were already playing in a band called “Lágrimas”, formed by Omar Timpanaro (keybords), Osvaldo Fernandez (drums) and Rosarino (guitars), who already belonged to the band “Los Ángeles Salvajes”. Frezza was playing bass while Osvaldo “Bocón” Frascino was guitarist.

Since Bocón could hardly go to the rehearsals, he asked his friend Willy to take his place : he eventually replaced him. Reloj were about to come to life.

In 1970, joined the band Horacio “Tucata” Suarez as second guitarist. The band debuted live in the Cine Monumental in 1971, a show that soon went sold out ; in the meantime Horacio decided leaving the band and was replaced by Gregorio “Goyo” Felipes. While touring, a terrible accident accurred to Goyo, who sadly passed away, and the band decided to pay a tribute to him in one of the shows in front of 1500 fans. After taking a break, the band started playing again and eventually Osvaldo Zabala joined the band as guitarist.

Finally, after two years of touring around, the band recorded their first single : El mandato”, “Vuelve el día a reinar” in 1973 ; it sold 30.000 copies and they first appeared on tv in Canal 7.  With the release of their second single “Alguien mas en quien confiar”, “Blues del atardecer” in 1974 the band reached 100.000 copies sold. In 1975 the self titled album “El Reloj” was released and it included tracks like “El Viejo Serafín”, “Alguien más en quien confiar”, “Hijos del Sol y la Tierra”.

In 1976 the singles “El hombre y el perro”, “Camino al estucofen”, “Al borde del abismo”, “Harto y confundido” were edited and Omar Díaz joined the band as guitarist for a short period of time ; after a while the band edited their second album “Al borde del abismo”(El Reloj 2), with the collaboration of Carlos Mira playing guitars.


In 1993 the band reunited with the former members and recorded the album En 1993 “Santos y verdugos”, in the Del Cielito Récords Studio between February and March of the year 1994. The album featured new tracks such as “La balada del potrero”, “Tu mente busca”, and other remastered classics like “El Mandato”, “Alguien mas en quien confiar” “Blues del Atardecer”; nevertheless the album wasn’t supported by any label. 

After touring around Buenos Aires in 1994, the band recorded a single for Rock & Pop and appeared on tv in the program Ruta Rock on TVA, moreover, they recorded a videclip for the track “ Alguien mas en quien confiar”. In 1995, Eduardo Frezza decided leaving the band and continuing with a different line-up till 2003.

In 1995 Willy Gardi passed away in a tragic car crash. In 1996 BMG edited singles and vinyls into CD; “Cronología 1” and “Cronología 2”, they were released in Brazil, Italy, Japan, and other European countries. In 2004 Luis Valenti, keyboardist, passed away due to health issues. The very same year BMG re-edited “Cronologia 1” with a new remastered sound. Eventually, Sony Music decided to re-released the first album of the band : EL RELOJ (1975), with its three first singles. The record came out for selling on the 22nd of September in the whole country.


El Reloj El Reloj II La Esencia es La Misma Santos y Verdugos Hombre de Hoy Cronologia Mercado de Almas

– El Reloj [1974]
– El Reloj II [1975]
– La Esencia es La Misma [1983]
– Santos y Verdugos [1994]
– Hombre de Hoy [1999]
– Cronología [2000]
– Mercado de Almas [2002]


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