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Country Russia

Style Hard Rock
PhotobucketThe “demarche” was founded in 1990 by former musicians “Visit”, who are tired of playing other people’s music under the guidance of director Victor Yanyushkin. By that time, formed a professional team capable of playing music of any complexity. First team: Michael Rybnikov (keyboards, vocals, saxophone) – Igor Melnyk (vocals, ac. Guitar), Sergey Kiselev (drums), bassist Alexander Sitnikov, and lead guitarist Michael Timofeyev. The team was among the first in the country, working in the style of “neo-hard rock”, which became fashionable in the West in the mid-80s by groups such as “Bon Jovi”, “Def Leppard”, “Aerosmith”, “Europe” , “Kiss”.

Influenced the writing team and “Deep Purple” with “Whitesnake”. The first joint performance took place on the 30-seat stadiums, “Metalist” in Kharkov, and television shooting – at the “Soundtrack” in the Luzhniki Sports Palace on Friday 13th October 1989, entitled “The Visit.” Then for the first time were filled with just co-written the first three songs: “Full Moon Lady,” “Night Without You” and “My Country, Country.” The team was preparing for a solo tour of the Krasnodar region, and a new creative tandem Rybnikov – Miller joined the work on writing songs for the new program’s. But some of the songs were born right at the rehearsals, so the authors can safely assume the whole group. After touring the yugam group goes from Victor Yanyushkin, takes the name of “demarche” and writes the songs that have been run-in trips.

 “His first trip to St. Petersburg to shoot TV show “Top Secret” suddenly brings a stunning success. More than 15 thousand people met “demarche” “Hurrah” from the first chords of speech in the CCM, and the next eight months, the song “You’ll be first” and “Last Train” bravely held the lead in the “Music Hand” program “Top the secret. “

Then the clip “You will be first” is the best of rock – the composition of letters, the audience of youth TV program “Marathon-15.” In early summer, “demarche” is back for another bombing at the festival, Peter “White Nights” and with “Rondo” and Victor Zinchuk participate in the festival “Rock against alcohol.” I must say it was a fun event. It was not clear – who is fighting whom? During this period, and there debut album  “You’ll be first,” released by “Melody” on vinyl media. Details of the work and tour activities in this period of history covered in the album “You’ll be the first” .

Back in the late 1991 “demarche” partly changed composition. Instead, guitarist Mikhail Timofeyev the group comes Stas Bartenev, known for his performances in “Black Coffee” and “If.” Stas is involved in writing a new version of the song “Last Train” for shooting the video, and a kind of anthem of the team, which is so called – “demarche”.

Left the band director Andrew Kharchenko, so the musicians have to take over his duties, especially nasty, since instead of creativity have to deal with any nonsense, which also did not understand anything. Nevertheless, the group invited to Priozersk to participate in a grand open-air festival “Rock Against Drugs.” The audience – more than 20 thousand spectators. Along with the “demarche” participate “Nautilus Pompilius”, “Master,” “Rondo,” “Picnic”, etc. The group was to work the penultimate and, according to the organizers, to perform all three songs. It so happened that each party has included in its program on one hit from the repertoire of Western rock stars. “Rondo” performed “Sailing” Rod Stewart “Nautilus Pompilius” – “Paint It Black” “Rolling Stones”, St. Petersburg’s “Spider Web” – “Rock & Roll” from the repertoire of “Led Zeppelin”. “Demarche” sang song “Deep Purple” “Highway Star”. By the reaction of the audience at the performance of the Moscow Festival organizers team made adjustments to the program, and “demarche” closed the festival for six songs as headliners.

Ironically, in the presence of popularity, the group tours are not poured an endless stream, affected the lack of a competent manager, able to organize the “Sanchez” across the country. In this situation, a new director – Elena Drozdov, through which things were going well and the team is more – less earn. The coup of 1991 met in Tyumen, where hardly able to fly home. Do not forget the black cloud, which we were met by Moscow, this was probably just over Golgotha after the execution of Christ. Went from one life, came to another …

At the end of 1992 was installed a short film, which includes all the clips of fragments of concert performances and presentations of their debut album. The film was shown several times on television. In 1993, guitarist Stas Bartenev leaves the team to continue work on his solo project “if”, and a musician with the band rehearses from Volgograd Dmitry Gorbatikov. The first and the last product of their joint creativity is the song “If you go back home,” later recorded by Igor Melnikov for his solo album “Blame the guitar.” After the final collapse of Mikhail Rybnikov, Alexander Sitnikov and Dmitry Gorbatikov also recorded this song. And while the band continued to write new songs and rehearsing, as needed a new, more brilliant album. And like everything went well, but again stalled tour, with sponsorship did not work, and musicians have been harder to believe in the good progress, although the clips TV channels twisted with pleasure and free. In such a contradictory situation “demarche” ceases to exist, to meet again seven years later.
PhotobucketIn the late 90’s drummer Sergey Kiselev carried out long-held dream and build your own professional tone studio, mastering several professions: builders, installers, sound engineer and sound producer. In the development of the studio he began to help Igor Melnik and Stas Bartenev, by this time revived his solo project band “If”. Thus, in terms of the experiment were recorded several songs for the solo project of Igor and Stas. Since then, the studio was written by Sergei is not an album of different artists from pop to punk rock. And it came up “demarche”, the fact that the album “You’ll be the first” was released by “Submit” only on vinyl media, and only three songs included in the collection “Russian rock” were on the CD, released on the same firm to be sold in Europe (particularly Germany). Having decided to rewrite some of his famous songs, the band started work on an album with an eye to release on CD. In addition to such songs as “Gloria,” “You’ll be first,” “Last Train”, the disc includes a few new things and work on the album, joined by another demarshevets – composer, keyboardist, saxophonist and vocalist Michael Rybnikov, so that the group worked at the studio almost at full strength.

Party of the bass took over Stas Bartenev, great to deal with his problem. In the recording drum was used technology used in many advanced Western rockers. Tracks were recorded on an electronic set “Yamaha” MIDI-pre-sampled sounds of live drums, that is, Kiselev played in real time, and then had the opportunity to choose from a variety of tracks recorded the most successful part of them, and finishing up the track, as well as to vary the tonal quality of the drums, at its discretion, mikshiruya sounds of different instruments. The album was called “Unformat-21.00” , since all attempts to push the songs on the radio the answer was: “It is not our format …”, from that for the group and began the new millennium.

 The album was finished by the summer of 2001, and the well-known firm “mystery sound” took up his production, but “master a” musical material as a result of this work resulted in “demarche” in horror, from the original studio sound almost nothing left. Therefore, when the “mystery sound” turned to “demarche” to provide a few songs for his rock collections, made some serious musicians in the studio and they sound much better than on the album “Unformat-21.00.”

After the release of records “demarche” begins to rehearse a new solo program, consisting of old and new songs with the following members: Igor Melnyk (vocals, ac. guitar), Stas Bartenev (guitar, vocals), Sergei Kiselev (drums), Alexander Inshakov (not a stuntman, and his namesake and namesake of the bass player). Michael Rybnikov, who wrote the music for all the old hits demarshevskim, to participate in the project declined, and the musicians listen to arrange to take another guitarist. After a careful selection of the group was invited to the 25-year-old Alex Iovchev, later worked with success in the musical “Queen” “We Will Rock You”. In this part of the year the group worked at the Moscow rock – the clubs, and then in 2002 began recording songs for a new album that truly meets the title “demarche” (protest, warning). Every song on it has suffered, so the plate will yield only in 2006. The name of the title song, “We – Russian” as the album “Americas” speak for themselves.

Also in 2002 the band began recording the album for the football club “Lokomotiv” (Moscow), which was completed in 2004 and released in June 2005. Fans of “Loco” many of the songs were already familiar from the Internet, esters in the program “Go Loco” that runs on Sundays in the TVC, as well as broadcasts from the stadium during home games, “Locomotive.” Directed by Artem Bocharov program offered to remove the clips on some of the songs, which was done by him and his creative team: Edward Milovidov operator and editor Boris Dzgoeva. It was decided to place the videos on the same album, “Loco-motive” in AVI, so that the drive can not only listen, but a few things to watch. Unfortunately, the album is currently only sold in a shop fan merchandise at the stadium “Locomotive”, although the reviews of vendors, leaving a fairly brisk. Cooperation with the club continues to the Champions League has been specially written song, “Our goal is to Europe”, but at least a year, it was irrelevant, so we will wait for a new championship.

As for the latest news, they are a little bit. In September 2005, died suddenly on the first head of the “Visit” (the last of which was created “demarche”) Victor Yanyushkin, who did a lot for the development of the team. We grieve and remember. Well, the band continues to work on the album “Americas”, Sergey Kiselev and Igor Melnik while helping Stas Bartenev to tour “if” as a drummer and bassist, respectively. Bass player first team and one of the founders of the Alexander Sitnikov, many years dealing with various musical projects Producing (trio “Grand,” Barbara, “Studs”), threatened to provide PR – Campaign album “Americas”, well, as they say damn Yankees, will see, that is to say, we’ll see.

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– You Will Be First [1991]
– Unformat-21.00 [2001]
– Loco-Motive [2005]
– Americas [2010]

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