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Country USA

Style Hard Rock/Metal

ghrjtukyyuThe way Decoy Paris came to be was Wes Overall, Larry and John Nomikos were in a five piece band called Head first in the early 80’s. Chic Reardon was the rhythm guitarist, which also wrote the lyrics to She’s Hot, and Bill Szczesniak was the drummer. They played locally in some clubs and then decided to record a 45 record. The two songs were “Same Way” and “She’s Hot”. That was released, in 1984. They only printed 1,000 copies just as a promo for the band. After some musical differences they decided to part ways and become a four piece. The key to that was finding a superior drummer. Then came V.V. Machine (Vince Ochwat) that filled the bill!!!

They then became Decoy Paris, in 1985. They played the local circuit for a while and decided it was time to record some of their songs. They went into the studio in 1986 and released the “Love on the Run” EP in 1987. The EP got rave reviews from German based magazine, Kerrang as well as many others. They were offered some record deals from major labels, but at the time they were unsure what path they should take. So they continued on their own and played several shows with much of the local talent, as well as opened for some national acts.

In 1994 they decided to add another guitarist. Bob Molton, which added a certain chemistry to the band that just felt right. At that point, after playing several gigs, and winning contest in the Midwest they decided to re-release the EP on CD and add four bonus tracks that they recorded together. That was released in 1998. Once again, they only pressed 1,000 copies. They continued to play as a band until 1999 successfully until they decided to go their own way, and pursue individual careers.

They are currently discussing going back in the studio to record some songs that they wrote previously for an anniversary record release as well as possible international tour.

love-on-the-run decoy-paris
– Love on the Run [1987]
– Decoy Paris [1998]
Notes by John Nomikos
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