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Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Cry Wolf is a hair metal band formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-1980s. Originally named Heroes, the band consisted of Tim Hall, Steve McKnight, Phil Deckard, John Freixas and JC Crampton. This was a harder, darker affair than the products of their group and categorically distanced them from hair and glam rock. ”Twenty years later. “This is modern melodic rock“, states Brian McGowan, “Edgier, grittier, a generation later, Twenty Ten is a natural progression from Crunch. Weve all grown up and so has the music. ”Originally named Heroes, Cry Wolf was formed in the San Francisco East Bay Area with Tim Hall, Steve McKnight, Phil Deckard, John Freixas and JC Crampton in the mid-1980s. In 1986, the moved to Los Angeles and started working the Hollywood club circuit.

Soon after, keyboardist JC Crampton left the band, and they were forced to change the band’s name, a contest was held in the local BAM Magazine, with the person coming up with the winning name winning Mötley Crüe/Whitesnake concert tickets. The name Cry Wolf was chosen out of hundreds of entries, looking to set themselves apart from the thousands of other bands flooding into Los Angeles in the late ‘80s, the band gave away their four-song demo to anyone willing to sign their mailing list. Soon, however, the demo was garnering international attention, kelv Hellrazer described the four song demo the best he’d ever heard, and further stated “I know it’s all been said before but I kid you not. Billboard magazine even recognized Cry Wolf as “One of the top five unsigned bands in the world”. This was short-lived, however, as the band was offered a recording contract from Epic/Sony on the night of their first show of their tour.

The Japanese success led to an American recording contract and the re-release of the album on Grand Slamm/IRS records. This album, along with the debut in Japan, were produced and engineered by David DeVore, the US release had a little different track listing. The band dropped I Am The Walrus and Wings and replaced them with Road To Ruin, On The Run and Dirty Dog Night. Along with an immensely popular MTV Japan video of West Wind Blows, while in Houston, TX, during a tour in support of Crunch, however, the bands equipment truck was stolen, abruptly ending their tour. At this point, Paul Cancilla had decided to leave the band, the band brought in drummer John E. Link, as well as changed management. The band continued on as Cry Wolf through 1992 with a new sound. Unfortunately, the record company went out of business. The Japanese success led to an American recording contract and the re-release of the debut album on Grand Slamm/IRS, titled “Crunch”. Along with an immensely popular MTV Japan video of “West Wind Blows”, the band also released a video for “Pretender” on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.

While on tour in support of “Crunch”, however, the band’s equipment truck was stolen along with all of their gear. About this time the musical tide was changing and the Seattle music scene was exploding. The members of Cry Wolf decided to part ways and embark on new musical adventures. Late in 2007, Cry Wolf played together for the first time in nearly 15 years at a small Bay Area venue. The magic was still there and strong, and Cry Wolf is discovering a wide audience for hard rock delivered with fire, emotion and relevance without being nostalgic. The group is now comprised of original members Steve McKnight (Guitar and Vocals), Phil Deckard (Bass and Vocals), and vocalist Dyna Shirasaki. New songs are being written with recorded, with a release to follow in early 2014!

– Cry Wolf [1989]
– Crunch [1990]
– Twenty Ten [2010]

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