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Country Israel

Style Melodic Hard Rock

CROSSFIRE was formed in 2000 by Rikki Reckless and Jessy Bullet.  They both heard about each other’s desire of making a HARD ROCK band and decided to meet. It didn’t take more than a few minuets to understand that they share the same dream of making the first true GLAM/HARD ROCK band in Israel. The next step was to find a drummer, bass player and a keyboard player to fit the group and after a few weeks Avi Diamond (drums) Terry Taragano (keyboards) and D.D Sparks (bass) joined the band.

After a very successful first show and the hit single “Never Give It Up” that the band realesed the vision was clear, the Glam scene in Israel is about to be created!! the main target was to get in to the studio and start recording the album the long journey of recording the album began somewhere in 2002. the album was recorded about 3 times!!! due to our high standards. Their goal was to make the first HARD ROCK album coming out of Israel that will sound like the good old records that we grew up on in the magical era of the hair bands from Los Angels in the 80’s. That was not an easy task for an Israeli band without a huge label supporting it financially but we didn’t give up and decided to put all our energy and resorts in it to make it happen.

Meanwhile the band also had to focus on it’s live shows, our moto was-“anytime,anyplace,anyway you want it-Crossfire are gonna fuckin’ rock it!” which turned out to be too realistic..we giged all around starting with some really nasty places to even nastier places!!! some of them can hardly be described as clubs, but a band is gotta do what a band is gotta do. after a while we gained recognition from north to south and the shows became bigger at better venues and the Hard Rock/Glam revolution that we started has began.

On the way we had to replace two drummers till we found the perfect one for the job – Sticky Stix and with the new blood we continued rockin’ the stages, also doing tribute shows to one of the world’s greatest rock band-GUNS N’ ROSES. those shows were extremely successful and was followed by a great deal of enthusiasm from all the people who didn’t get to hear about us.

On 2005 we were invited to perform on the Israeli pre eurovision contest in which we joined forces with the famous singer Izhar Cohen to make an interpretation a la’ Crossfire to 2 of the most famous hits in the Israeli music history. the appearance on national T.V exposed the band to the rest of the country and took us to a higher level of recognition.

While doing that, we couldn’t rest until our CD was completed.we spent endless hours working in the studio and re-recording and mixing all the tracks till we finally got to the point which the album vibe matched our vision. the only thing that was left to do was to send the album to Los Angels CA to the legendary FANTASY STUDIOS, where many great albums were recorded and mastered at, by the great sound engineer GEORGE HORN (Racer X-Second hit,Marty freedman and Jason becker’s- Cacophony,Greg Howe’s High gear etc’).

After receiving the master back from L.A the outcome was perfect!! it came out exactly as planed and even got some very good criticism from the very experienced guys at Fantasy studios that were amazed by the work on this album-“it sound exactly like all the bands that were here back in the 80’s”( George Horn). Soon after the band had to deal with some difficult times, our former bass player Eddie Sparks was replaced by A.C. Black which a few months later got injured and was on recovery for some time and other serious obstacles that challenged the band and it’s members.

In 2007, CROSSFIRE got the honor of working with the great pruducer Beau Hill (RATT, EUROPE, WINGER, TWISTED SISTER etc.) and right after signed a worldwide deal with Perris Records. We waited for the right time to put out the album so we could do it the right way like we always wanted and thanks to Perris, CROSSFIRE’s “Dirty Games” album is all over!!!

“DIRTY GAMES” is out and we are very happy to hear all the great reviews we’re getting on it.the album is sold at our shows and on RAVEN metal website and is available on every records store/online WORLDWIDE!!!



– Dirty Games [2007]



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