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Country Mexico

Style Hard Rock/Heavy/Power Metal

vxdbdfSamuel Shapiro founded the band in 1980. They started with 4 members, but since 1983 they continued as a trio. First they played Rock and Jazz in bars. They even played in New York in 1981. In 1983 they composed and performed the Rock Opera “Kuman”. This is kind of a Tarzan story in space! At the back of the record they show heavy leather and spikes outfit, but it contains only two Hard Rock songs, and the rest is Opera singing.

The opera was shown over 500 times all over the country and made the band known in Mexico! Starting with the album from 1984 they played real Hard Rock, but the songs are very simple. Finally the “Swords of crystal” album delivered what it promised: good Hard Rock and Metal with some hymns. It was even reviewed 1986 in the english “Metal Forces” as record of the month! The album “America” in 1987 was again more in the Hard Rock style.

Finally they split up in 1989! But after some monthes Shapiro started again and appeared 1990 with new members and Poser outfit. This record contains ver soft Hard Rock! They recorded further Hard Rock albums, and they were all the time involved with the opera scene! They recorded another Rock opera for “The beauty and the beast”, (the LP contains no Hard Rock, but only Musical and Opera music), and wrote also a musical for the classic “Dracula”! The last album is again good Metal with slight modern influences! 2 of the members own a bar in Mexico city called “Metal Light”, where many Rock and Metal acts play also live! The records are not too difficult to find, only the best one, “Espadas”, is harder to find!

The album “Un Sgundo Antes” contains only soft cover songs, and one own song, which is also very soft! The band explore a new genre of Rock symphonic where the orchestrations and melodic vocal passages with a fusion of a lot of musical styles predominate. Their work having unusual success winning 13 awards from critics, among which is the prize for best original music for theater and the best musical of the year, in addition to consolidating the group that also receives the award for best group Hard Rock of year awards Our Rock organized by the eponymous magazine and the Orbita 105.7 station. 

Cristal y Acero Kuman Espadas de Cristal America Hechizo Angel Un Segundo Antes Dracula Destino Light of Power 10465700_10203009156162456_1172012485_o-300x241

– Cristal y Acero [1983]
– Kuman [1984]
– Espadas de Cristal [1985]
– America [1987]
– Hechizo [1992]
– Angel [1994]
– Un Segundo Antes [1998]
– Dracula [2000]
– Destino [2001]
– Light of Power [2005]
– El Amores Para Siempre [2014]

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