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Country Switzerland

Style Hard Rock

At the end of 1987 after several unsuccessful attempts in various bands Serge Peter on guitars and Dany Peter on drums decided to set up their own band call it Crazy Sweeper. Jeff, Serge’s friend from school joins the duo as a bassist. In 1989 after several  line-up changes, they appealed to Jean-David who will be the only guitarist between 1992 and 1994. The band began to scour the clubs, halls and festivals of the region with various Swiss bands such as “Killium, Sultan, Last Cocroach, Scanguys, Stonefield, Dilem”, Core 22, Hare. In April 1992, the departure of Serge forces them to audition several singers and the choice is on Laurant Progin.

In early ’94, following their debut album “Sweep The World”, a second guitarist was needed. Emilio Porras, who is introduced to the band by Pascal (at the time he officiated as a mercenary bassist), integrates perfectly with the band. 1995 was a terrible year for the band, in fact, following Laurent’s disease, the band resumes service only a year later with a huge desire to play and a promising future.

“Land Of Faith” is the band’s second release came out in 1996.  A great work on the new songs as well as the concerts and the sale of the first album gives the possibility to entirely self-produce this record. Two years later in 1998 the third opus “Behind” in collaboration with Avcom (Niederdorf BL) as production company and Swiss Music Pool (Zürich) as distributor. The release of this album is punctuated with concerts in Romandy and in German Switzerland as well as several radios. Everything is done to try to get out of their region. Pascal Baudin officially joined the group in 1997. He played all the bass parts on the second album and replaces Alain who was bassist from 1995 to 1997.

In 1999, they began a wonderful collaboration with Radio Framboise at the Millenium events. Several concerts in front of more than 4,000 people give a serious boost to the renowned level of the band. They performed with Jonnhy Clegg and Indochine at the Bex rock festival in 2000. The rock night organized by Radio Framboise in 2000 allowed them to play with DC World at the Malley ice rink in front of more than a thousand people.

Great change during the year 2001: Jean-David finishes his long career in Crazy Sweeper to focus on his family and professional life, so it is Serge Peter who makes his comeback and replaces him. After 4 years of superb concerts and compositions here is finally the new and last album “Backsliders”. Recorded and produced at the Soundlake studio in Lausanne, a new sound and a more power style gives a new line to the band. In 2007 the group is dissolved. But to rebirth from these ashes, because a new band was born: 5TUNES !!!

– Sweep the World [1994]
– Land Of Faith [1996]
– Behind [1998]
– Backsliders [2002]

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