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Country Sweden

Style Glam/Hard Rock


Crazy Lixx were Formed in Malmoe, Sweden in 2002 with the intent to play Hard Rock/Metal like it was played in 80’s/early90’s, with the big songs, image and live act that is associated with that genre, a genre that the band feel that music community has been without for too long. The Critically acclaimed first major single “Herors are Forever” marked the start of their crusade and now it’s time for the debut album “Loud Minority” (Europe/Scandinavia release November 2007) And “Loud Minority” released in Japan with 2 Bonus tracks from Stay Gold a division of Art Union in July 2008. Vic was very into sports, Danny and Joey play football. Other than that Danny guess “we were normal kids with a dream to become rock star”.

They all played in several bands before staring Crazy Lixx in 2002. Before Crazzy Lixx, Danny, Vic and Joey formed Traditional style Heav Metal band “Blinddead” Danny also play in Crucible with Luke who become bass player od Crazy Lixx in later. Danny was rhythm guitarlist in Crazy Lixx and they had bass player Max Flamer. Early Crazy LIxx did nt has singer. So when they got to recorging their first demo Danny sang on it.Then Danny switched to lead vocals and recruited new guitarlist Krizzy Field. But Max and Krizzy didn’t along very well and after a gig and way too much alcphol at the after party they got into fight with each other.Crazy Lixx decided to fire them both from the Band. Then Crazy Lixx recruited Luke Rivano who was bass player in a band called Crucible. Crazy Lixx became 4 piece band again.

Then Crazy Lixx Released Do or Die-Single in 2006 as Limited 1000 and they got record deal in Sweden. In 2007, Crazy Lixx released the first major single “Heroes Are Forever” and released “Loud Minority” on November 2007 in Sweden. Japan release on July 2008. Japanese version has 2 bonus tracks. “New religion” is the brand new, second studio album by Swedish up and coming rock band “Crazy Lixx”. In terms of sound the band has been classified anything amongst sleaze metal, glam metal and hard rock. With their 2007 debut “…Lix” established themselves as one of the leading glam/sleaze bands of their generation, featuring a very expressive frontman/lead singer in Danny Rexon and the very accomplished guitarist Vic Zino (who has since left the band, having joined `Hardcore Superstar’). 2010 Finds the band in an even higher artistic form than the previous album; Zino is replaced by the equally talented Andy Dawson never forgetting the ever-present Loke Rivano on bass and Joel Cirera on drums.

In terms of sound not much has changed in the “…Lixx” camp, since “New Religion” walks the same path as their debut. I have to say however that this new album has many more memorable songs than their previous release. The “Loud minority” debut spawned a hit single in “Heroes are forever”, the new album offers a real handful of potential hits. Indeed “21 `til I die” is straight up tempo rocker in the style of “Heroes are forever”, but the real surprise comes with the mid tempo inclusions of “Children of the cross” a -too considerate for hair metal- song very close in sound to the band “Talisman”. And of course there is the amazingly melodic “Blame it on love” demonstrating large choruses and those crying backing vocals that make the track absolutely irresistible. “Crazy Lixx” are determined to retain their title as one of the most promising newcomers in European hair metal/hard rock; and, in fact, none of that seems to have changed with “New Religion” it just got bigger and better!!

“Riot Avenue” is the brand new third album by Swedish sleaze metal/melodic hard rock band “Crazy Lixx”, marking their second release under “Frontiers Records”. On the preceding two albums “Crazy Lixx” were keen to blend sleazy rock’n’ roll with a fair amount of melodic rock/AOR tunes which in retrospect made for rather diverse and memorable albums. “Riot Avenue” finds the established line up of lead singer Danny Rexon, lead guitarist Andy Dawson, bassist Lock Rivano and drummer Joel Ciera Joined by new guitarist Edd Liam. The new acquisition makes for a substantially heavier and riff-centric approach to the established “Crazy Lixx” sound. “Whiskey tango Foxtrot” and “Young Blood” are as intense as any hard rock tune the “Lixx” have come up with in the past, while “Riot Avenue” is one of the most dramatic sleaze tracks one will probably get to hear in 2012.

Still the new album does not quite feature the potential melodic rock hit much like the two previous albums which featured “Heroes are forever” and “Blame it on love” respectively”. You could say that “Heatseaker” is the melodic rocker of “Riot Avenue” only not as captivating as its predecessors. Clearly “Riot Avenue” finds “Crazy Lixx” more focused on sleaze rock and hard rock rather than adult oriented rock, never the less, delivering a handful of standout tracks. Fans of “Crashdiet”, “Dirty Penny” and “Sister Sin” should definitely make the most of their new album while admirers of “H.E.A.T” and “Work of Art” will probably not connect as well with “Riot Avenue”.

In August 2015, it was announced through the official website of Crazy Lixx that guitarist Edd Liam and songwriting guitarist Andy Zäta had left the band. The news article said that Edd had personal reasons to do so, while Andy was instead involved with the British band Inglorious. Lead singer Danny Rexon added that “the band’s future existence [was] at stake”. Later that month, Crazy Lixx began to look for new guitarists and potential lyricists, allowing anyone to apply for these positions.

In February 2016, the band released a music video for the song “All Looks, No Hooks”, featuring new guitarists Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren. The band’s first live album was released on 8 May 2016, and consisted of songs recorded in July 2015, which was the last show with guitarist Andreas Zäta Eriksson. In 2016 it was disclosed that Crazy Lixx would appear at the three-day Rockingham 2016 melodic/hard rock festival, held in Nottingham, United Kingdom. They appeared on Saturday 22 October, fourth in a seven-act line-up headlined by Steelheart.

On February 9, 2017, Crazy Lixx announced an upcoming album titled Ruff Justice, to be released on April 21 of that year. The new record celebrates Crazy Lixx’s fifteenth anniversary as a band and offers ten hair / sleaze / 80’s metal gems that harken back to the height of the hard rock era. The new songs draw inspiration from not only music, but also from 1980’s horror and action flicks and stand as a glowing reminder that pretty much everything was better in the 80’s. With its big choruses, memorable hooks and riffs, impressive guitar solos, and a massive production by Danny Rexon and Chris Laney, this album is sure to resonate with old fans and new listeners alike. “Ruff Justice” will be the first Crazy Lixx album to feature the new lineup with Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren handling axe duties.

The album also includes three songs which appear on the “Friday The 13th” videogame soundtrack: “XIII”, “Killer” and “Live Before I Die”. Friday the 13th: The Game is an upcoming survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is scheduled for release in early 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and Playstation 4. With “Ruff Justice”, Crazy Lixx have raised their game tremendously! As always, their live shows in support of this album are going to take no prisoners! Don’t miss them while they’re on the road!


– Loud Minority [2007]
– New Religion [2010]
– Riot Avenue [2012]
– Crazy Lixx [2014]
– Ruff Justice [2017]


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