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Country Germany

Style Hard Rock

Coracko was the name of a German hard rock band founded in 1991, in 1992 their only album, New Virus Spreads, published by Polydor. The group consisted of four musicians; Guitarist Peter Szigeti and bassist Frank Rittel were previously members of Warlock and U.D.O.After the release of their debut album Coracko had to change their name to Stonewashed and later renamed themselves again into Way of Thorns. Rittel and Szigeti had been in various bands since 1980, including Snakebite and Beast, which became Warlock in October 1982 through the merger of musicians from both groups. After Doro Pesch left Warlock in 1987 and disbanded, Rittel and Szigeti together with Udo Dirkschneider, Mathias Dieth and Thomas Franke the band UDO, but left this in the same year again and founded Energy.

Diese group recorded a demo tape, but had no success and disbanded in 1991. Szigeti then played with Jutta Weinhold in the band Velvet Viper, and during this time he recorded together with Fank Rittel, drummer Martin Engler and singer Dirk Wicke pieces written together. After all the parties had found that they fit together and had common musical interests, they founded Coracko, and Szigeti left Velvet Viper. The band managed to complete a record deal with Polydor, and on March 30, 1992, the group began in the RA. SH sound studios in Gelsenkirchen with the recordings for her debut album, which she also produced herself. Coracko was known to the trade press as “the harshest representatives of Groove Oriented Metal” and was musically described as “somewhere between the old Van Halen and new bands such as Extreme or Mr. Big.” On August 22, 1992, the group presented itself to the public Music Fair Popkomm in Cologne vor.Coracko published on September 28, 1992, the album New Virus Spreads, which contained thirteen titles.

The reactions of the trade press were different: The magazine Metal Hammer judged for example about the album, it was the music on the sound carrier to “scary average Metal, and also the following three songs” would “not a new chapter Hard’n’Heavy- History “write. Rock Hard, on the other hand, was more positive and emphasized that the album had a “typically Teutonic touch” rather rare, but New Virus Spreads was a “rather international one Album “containing 13” mostly strong compositions “. The songs were “all not too smoothly produced” and thus “did not miss the necessary hardness”. to let. The album lives “to a not to despise part of the very good guitar work and the powerful, multi-faceted vocals.” Of course, one or the other failure also represented, but overall New Virus Spreads is an “interesting and unusually violent drone,” the earned her eight points (out of a possible 10). As a single, the song Overblown Roses was released as more titles were included on the CD single Run With The Pack and Do not Cry For The Moon.

Frank Rittel was released during the course of the Replaced in 1993 by the bassist Alex T. Walker, with him in early summer 1993, the band played a tour in the opening act of the band Sven Gali, in which she also presented new songs. In addition to another line-up change (Dirk Wicke was replaced by Leon Goewie, who had previously sung with the Dutch band Vengeance) it also came to the name change: The band called itself Stonewashed. They published under this name in 1995 the album Way of Thorns.

– New Virus Spreads [1992]

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