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Country Poland

Style Alternative Rock/Post Grunge/Hard Rock


Coma is a Polish rock band which was founded in June 1998 in Łódź. The name – Coma – was chosen randomly. They tossed a coin to decide because they had an appointment for an interview in Radio Łódź. During their first rehearsals they named the band Voo Doo Art, but it didn’t catch on.The band started off with Dominik Witczak on guitar and Tomasz Stasiak on drums. They had played together earlier in a band enigmatically called Ozoz. After Ozoz had fallen apart Witczak-Stasiak team tried to form a band which would play music inspired by Illusion, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, etc. Yet finding a bass player turned out to be problematic. However they tried they didn’t get along with any of the candidates for this honourable post. They had to wait quite a long time for God to send them Rafał Matuszak who apart from being a pretty good musician and partygoer turned out to live 300m from Witczak. The three guys were fascinated with one another. They had rehearsals a few times a week. Dominik, Tomasz and Rafał made up their minds to rock together until their dying day, and then they cut their veins and… sealed their decision with blood.

In this way the hybrid was created and functioned under the name “Voo Doo Art”. The next to join the band was Wojciech Grenda, whom Dominik and Tomasz knew from Ozoz. After they welcomed him warmly, their friendship developed very quickly. To complete the picture, guys needed someone who could sing. But here their expectations were sky high. Stasiak, Witczak and Grenda had once played with Agnieszka Unczur, a person who sung better than most of the vocalists you could hear on the radio. The gentlemen infected with her superb voice could only choose someone who sung at least as well as she did, or better. God showed mercy one more time.

Matuszak along with Witczak apart from playing in Voo Doo Art performed with another band – De Ja Vi (guitar+bass+3 girls on vocals). De Ja Vi’s rehearsals took place in the building owned by scout troop where one person, a scout, appeared very often. It was Piotr Rogucki. They were bound to meet. Our musicians thought that it would be worth trying to take the young talented vocalist. Here we skip the fact that these three gentlemen knew each other from technical college. Most probably it didn’t occur to them then that they would ever play in one band. After the first rehearsal with Piotr, the choice proved to be the best possible. Long months of struggling with compositions followed. Guys drank many different alcoholic beverages that helped to tighten cooperation within the band. Everything seemed to head in a good direction. And suddenly after years of plenty a very unpleasant “situation” took place. As a result Wojciech Grenda was dismissed from the band. Fortunately replacement for him was found very quickly. Marcin Kobza joined the band. He was known in Łodź at that time as an excellent guitarist and played with groups such as Pig Bit or Second Hand. He fit in perfectly.

Their first achievement was a single Skaczemy / Pasażer. In the end of 2003 they signed with BMG Poland which allowed them to record their first album Pierwsze wyjście z mroku (First emergence from darkness). The recording sessions started in November and lasted until January 2004. Even though it may sound unbelievable, all instruments were recorded between 12 and 18 November in Łodź and during the last three days of January in Gdańsk. A throat infection stopped Piotr from recording vocals until December. His sessions took place in Łódź and Gdańsk. Before the release of their first longplay album they gained popularity on supports with Kazik, T.Love, Sweet Noise and Acid Drinkers. People from the business also appreciated “Pierwsze Wyjście Z Mroku” awarding it with a Fryderyk statuette for Album of the Year – Rock.


In 2005 during a break in the tour, the band started to work on some new material, which was later tried out live. On May 29, 2006 Coma released their second album Zaprzepaszczone siły wielkiej armii świętych znaków (The Wasted Forces Of Great Army Of Holy Seals). And as was the case with the first record, also that time fans appreciated the album awarding it with the title of Antyradio’s Album of the Year. During the 13th Woodstock Festival the band received a Złoty Bączek statuette – awarded by the audience. The circle of Polish musicians, music journalists and music critics once again honoured Coma with Fryderyk awards. That time the band won two of them for Album of the Year Rock/metal and Group of the Year.

In 2007, the band played support on before Linkin Park, Pearl Jam and Tool. In the same year, the summer began work on new material. The team after several years of concert activity, holed up in Jaworki in “Music flock” and under the care of a wonderful family of the owner, in peace and quiet, in the heart of the Pieniny, continued to work hard on the material. After returning from the mountains, yet polished material at rehearsals the band. In 2008, the place behind the drums Tomasz Stasiak took Adam Marshall, known for such a different formation Normalsi Lodz. Adam actively participated in the creation of the material on the new album. The material was recorded between April and September 2008. Album “Hypertrophy” was released November 10, 2008, the band went on another big tour to promote the album. Coma has visited more than twenty cities in completing the sale to the brim. The year 2009 is further concerts to promote hypertrophy and several prestigious awards – Double Platinum for “hypertrophy, three Fryderyk 2009 (Team year, Album of the Year – Rock and Best Male – Piotr Rogucki. Group was also awarded at Eska Music Awards.

At the same time, in early 2009, Coma has received an offer from Gdansk Symphony Orchestra to play in the Midsummer night a concert, accompanied by a symphony orchestra’s. Sat together on the arrangements Szczypiorscy brothers – Andrew (conductor) and Martin (cello). Effects of joint trials, few could hear and see the June 23, 2009 on the Coal Market in Gdansk. Shortly after the concert, there were two important events for Coma. In June musicians signed a new record deal with Mystic Production. Began well, extensive preparations for the registration of the first in its history, a concert for the release COMA LIVE. The concert took place on 9 December 2009 and was released March 22, 2010, the effort Mystic Production.


At the same musicians at every free moment, lock themselves in the studio, preparing the English version of the album hypertrophy, which premiered Fri “Excess” took place on October 11, 2010 in Europe. An interesting fact is that the Polish fans, the album “Excess” may purchase only on the publisher Mystic Production and shop while touring band. In the summer 2010 the team with the executor of Thomas ‘Zed’ Zalewski, worked on Coma Symfonicznie material that was recorded during a joint performance with the Symphony Orchestra of Gdansk on 23 June 2009 This commemorative album was released October 1, 2010, and was promoted second longer common concert in the company of the aforementioned band, this time in Warsaw Sowinski Park Amphitheatre – 25.09.2010. Cooperation with the Symphony Orchestra musicians Gdansk resulted in another project, which could see the effect of all the tour acoustic Power Off Coma. While more than a dozen concerts in the most prestigious concert halls, concert halls and theaters.

Route “Power Off Coma” turned out to be an artistic success. However, earlier, because of the beginning of October, the band holed up three weeks in the picturesque village of Wielkopolska Zaborowice. Podczas departure, according to tradition a few years, “unpack” their portable studio and crystallized ideas for a new album. At the end of “Power Off Coma ‘rest did not last long, as the band began work on Zaborowice uncut material. During that time ended Roguc vocals to his first solo album Fri “Loki – Vision of Sound,” which was published on 21 March 2011, the day also started a solo project page Roguca During the promotional tour took Loki, Adam “Marshall” Marshall, Rafal “Ma2sz” Matuszak, Marcin “Kobez” Kobza and Dominik “Witos” Witczak (order not accidental) recorded parts of their instruments on the new album in a friendly Toya Studios in Lodz. Finally, the recording ended in July recorded vocals of Peter and, interestingly backing vocals, which also took an active part whole team.

Watch the whole record, “the court” acoustic band Tomasz “Zed” Zalewski working on the sound of the band Coma during all concerts since 2004, and its realization and production skills could already hear the “hypertrophy”. During post-production material for the new album The band played for the third time a symphonic concert, this time in Kielce Kadzielnia. The fourth studio album Coma (not counting the English-speaking Excess), this time deliberately untitled, was released October 17, 2011. “Red” album will be promoted during the “Red” tour. This will be the largest to date trail Coma …  With the release of Coma’s latest studio record, “Don’t Set Your Dogs On Me” (Edel/earMUSIC), which is slated for release in 2013, fans in Poland and abroad should expect that this album will be no exception to the band’s enduring success. The sixth album will redefine the band, lending insight into an experience sorting through the personal demons, obsessions, and twisted feelings encountered in a man’s life.


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– Pierwsze wyjście z mroku [2004]
– Zaprzepaszczone siły wielkiej armii świętych znaków [2006]
– Hipertrofia [2008]
– Excess [2010]
– Czerwony Album [2011]
– Don’t Set Your Dogs On Me [2013]

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