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Country Sweden

Style Melodic Hard Rock


Charizma is a rock band formed in Oskarshamn, Sweden, where they are still based. Founded by the three brothers Bo, Jan and Göran Nikolausson.  In 1985 the debut album, “Rock the World”, is released and the group performs many concerts. In 1986 Charizma releases the single “Turn Me On” which receives good reviews and sees a lot of airtime on Swedish radio and a year later the group goes on tour in Poland. Promoters in the U.K. and U.S. show interest in the band.

In 1988 the band’s first gig in the U.S.A. is played at Gazzari’s in Hollywood, CA. Charizma signs a management deal with DHM (Stryper, Holy Soldier) and is invited to play at the Greenbelt Festival in the U.K. in August. 1989 the band moves to Los Angeles for 6 months. While in LA, the group plays at different clubs in Hollywood and Jay Torres (Madonna, Scorpions, etc) produces a video with the band. Also this year, Charizma goes to Estonia for the first time. The new single “Join Hands” is an immediate hit in Estonia.

1990 Charizma tours extensively in Estonia drawing more than 30,000 fans to 9 concerts and reaching #1 on the radio charts. A remake of their “Rock the World” album is released on the Soviet Union communistic record label, Melodiya. In the fall the group debuts on the German concert scene. The group begins the year playing festivals “down under” in Australia. In August, more than 46,000 fans attend concerts during the band’s third tour of Estonia. More than 40,000 copies of the record are sold between 1989 and 1991.

In 1992 Charizma tours with the Imperials through Sweden and Finland. The band helps Estonia celebrate its first Independence Day by performing before a crowd of 35,000! Charizma is the only foreign band invited to partake in the celebration and in 1993 the band tours in Germany and releases “The Ultimate Call”. In August 1994, Charizma (with bassplayer Bosse as the only original member) once again tours in Germany. Feeling the band has lots its sparkle Charizma takes an undetermined break to find new goals and directions. Ater an 1½ years long hiatus the band is playing together again, this time as a 5-piece band. In the fall Charizma tours in Germany trying out a new and more acoustic sound. It’s a brand new start for the band, musically and spiritually.

In 1996 Charizma is once again back in Germany in March and May. Two new members join the band, Thomas Karlsson on vocals and guitar and Johan Mauritzson on vocals and keyboards. In May the group signs a record deal with Asaph Musik, a German publishing/record company. The album “To Be Continued…” is recorded during the fall in Hannover, Germany and released to Western Europe in December. The CD single, “Higher than the Heavens”, gets good attention and is played on the national radio stations in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Charizma spends the entire year of 1987 playing concerts in Sweden including an appearance on a national TV show. In early June the band promotes the record in Germany and plays Berlin in November. August finds Charizma at the big FLEVO festival in the Netherlands playing 5 sets in 24 hours!


In early 1998 Charizma starts the pre-production of a new album. From the start, the band decides to try new sounds and to experiment. Because of the work with the new album the band doesn’t give a lot of concerts; however they play at the Parkfestival Sweden. Also playing that night is Audio Adrenaline, Sarah Masen and Fono among others. The new album “The Basics of Life” is recorded October-January in Berghem studios, Sweden. In 1999 When the new album is released in early spring it gets good reviews and a lot of attention. In April Charizma promotes the album in Germany and Switzerland. In the beginning of the summer the band starts co-operating with the booking company Dot Music. This leads to the band doing more than 30 concerts in Sweden, Norway and Finland during the year. A second single is released from the album. The song “Run to God” was totally remixed and was given a radio friendly beat. During the fall it sees a lot of airtime on Swedish radio. In October Charizma does concerts in The Netherlands. At New Years eve 1999 Charizma plays to an excited audience of 4000 people at a national youth conference.

The new millennium starts with Charizma performing “Run to God” on Swedish national TV in February. In April Charizma goes to Denmark for the first time for a couple of concerts which are very well received. In early June “Run to God” is picked up by the American Christian radio station Air1 Radio. The song become very popular with the American audience, it stays on the playlist for more than 4 months and peaks at no 3. The band gets a lot of new fans. In the middle of the summer Charizma plays at the Midsummer festival in Jakobstad, Finland. Almost 10 years after their great success, Charizma is once again back in Estonia in August. During the fall the band plays concerts in Sweden and starts writing new songs for an upcoming album.

Because of the success with “Run to God” in California, Charizma is invited to play at “Spirit West Coast”, the biggest Christian festival on the American west coast. After doing a nationally broadcast service on Swedish radio in June, Charizma leave for the U.S. in July. Apart from the concerts at Spirit West Coast, Charizma also plays at the “Day 7” event at the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. The concert is broadcast live on the Internet and later broadcast on TV. In the fall plans for the new album release are finalized. It becomes an exciting collaboration between Asaph Musik and Swedish studio/record company PAMA Records. The pre-production takes place during the fall of 2001 and in the beginning of 2002.


In 2002 with more than 20 songs to choose from, Charizma enters PAMA studios. At this time, Warner Chappell shows interest in the band and signs a publishing deal with Charizma. The band spends more than 3 months in the studio, working on a new sound for the album together with producer Johan Glössner. When the album is finally mixed and mastered at the end of the summer, the search begins for a major label release. In November the album is released by Asaph Musik in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Plans are made for releases in Scandinavia and USA.

2003 would become one of the most successful and busiest years ever for Charizma. However the year started slow, with no distribution deal or marketing plans for the Swedish market. In early June Charizma signs a licence with indie label Talking Music and a marketing campaign is worked out. “We knew we had a really good song on our hands and we believed it could be a hit with the right promotion even without the support of a major label”.  In July the band started promoting the song “Waiting (Here for you)”, visiting radio stations all over Sweden, doing interviews and live performances. It didn’t take long before it got picked up by a few stations, and then a few more, and a few more…  “The radio programmers just loved the song, and all of a sudden we had a major mainstream hit, playing on major networks all over Sweden”. When the single was released to record stores in August it went straight up to the No.10 spot on the Swedish Sales Chart. As it grew in popularity it climbed all the way up to No.3 and spent a total of 7 weeks on the chart.

“Waiting (Here for you)” sold more than 6 000 copies and was included on two hit single collections which sold more than 160 000 copies. The band was featured in a lot of different media and played festivals in Sweden during the summer.  In October Charizma teamed up with booking agency Reliable Artist, providing booking services for Scandinavia. The album “Life in 3D” is also released in October and gets a warm welcome among fans of smart powerpop. When the second single “Where do you go?” was released to radio in December it immediatly got attention and a lot of airplay. At the beginning of 2004 it entered the Swedish sales chart at the no 13 spot, that weeks highest debut.

In February 2004 Charizma was invited to partake in the Estonian finals for the Eurovision Song Contest with a song written for them. The band ended up no. 5, getting a lot of attention in Estonia. The song “I give you a mountain” became the third consecutive single for Charizma to reach the Swedish Sales Chart 2004. During 2005-2006 Charizma played a lot live, doing concerts in Austria, Germany, Poland & Sweden, ever developing their performance. One reviewer from the latest album stated: “This is top quality pop which deserves to be given exposure on the international scene”. In 2007 Charizma participated in yet another Eurovision pre-selection, this time in Poland! The song Emily was one of the favorites, but didn’t go all the way. In the summer of 2007 Charizma wen’t back to Poland, and played at a big summer concert in Gdansk with Gdansk Symphony Orchestra, playing 3 songs arranged for band and orchestra.  In August Charizma played at their remotest venue ever. The band was invited to play at the Fjarda Festival the in the Faroe Islands! 



– Rock The World [1985]
– The Ultimate Call [1993]
– To Be Continued… [1997]
– The Basics Of Life [1999]
– Life In 3D [2003]

Bosse Nikolausson

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