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Country German

Style Hard Rock

The musicians “Mat-Rein Jaehnke” (vocals), W. Ross Mueller (guitars, backvoc), Steve Carrington (bass, backvoc), Olli Krueger (guitars) and Mats Toralf (drums, backvoc) unite in august 1986 in Hannover to the band CANNON.

All musicians already gained their experiences in other local bands of Hannover and Hildesheim before. But most of the musical experiences were brought by the bassist Steve Carrington and the guitarist W. Ross Mueller into the band. Steve Carrington already recorded in 1981 the LP “Can’t GET enough” with the band MAGIC LANE and had various Live-Gigs.

W. Ross Mueller acquired his first musical successes with the Hannoverian Bands GRACE and ATTACK. In order to work professionally at once, demosongs are recorded immediately. This demos are presented in October 1986 to well known German producers. They are not aversed to produce the band, but the Band would have to change some in its concept and its songwriting. In order not to lose necessary creativity CANNON decides to accept an offer of a Hanoverian Studio owner to take part in the production of their debut album.

The recordings begin in January 1987 in Hildesheim and are finalized marginal 9 months later with the final-mix in Hannover. In the recording-free time more demosongs are recorded and practiced strongly at the live set. In December (short before Sylvester) the first media- presentation of CANNON takes place; and directly in a radio live transmission of the well-known radio station NDR 2. The transmission causes large interest within the hard rock-loving listeners.

In January 1988 CANNON plays its first live set as Headliner at a regional rock festival. The reactions are outstanding. The yield of this event contains numerous good criticisms in the printed media and more live-event offerings. One of these offers is a TV Concert-cut of the TV-Station TELE 5. The recording of the concert takes place at the end of April 1988. Before that, in the beginning of April 1988, the debut album “Thunder and Lightning” is published as LP and CD. The reactions to “Thunder and Lightning” are protrude in such a way local and abroad, that the singers Mat-Rein Jaehnke and guitarist W. Ross Mueller in July 1988 can complete an extensive graduation route to radio and TV transmitters in whole Germany.

Among other things the CANNON musicians are gladly seen interview guests at the radio stations NDR 2, FFN, Hessen 3, gong 2000 Munich, ok radio Hamburg, M1 Munich and at the TV station TELE 5. Also music magazines like the METAL HAMMER (5 of 7 points) are giving very good criticisms to CANNON’s first work. Even the neighbouring abroad shows active interest for the melodious and also in-usual choir-singing-enriched-party-hard-rock. A Belgian radio station even wants to have an unpublished CANNON song (“Wasted love”) (only in demo quality available copy) exclusively for its listeners and pays a “nice” amount for it.

Not least it is to be owed to the good press reports and the radio operational readiness that CANNON can complete numerous live-gigs in whole Germany. A second album is to be produced, but a lucrative deal with a large disk company fails scarcely before the signature.

Another attempt in 1991 to record a second album in own production fails likewise because of adverse circumstances. Someone breaks into the sound studio and steals beside the recording equipment also the recording volumes with the not yet finished material for the second CANNON album.

Until the end of 1993 the band tried to continue working with different drummers and compose new songs. Then Mats considers differently and enters CANNON again. In January 1994 he Band records new demosongs again and publishes these under the title “7-Track demo” as Cassette. Because the debut album (LP and CD) is out of stock, “Thunder and Lightning” (provided with two bonus tracks) is also published as Cassette again. These Cassettes are offered at CANNON concerts and find plenty of customers among the concert visitors. In April Mats Toralf tells the Band again, that he wants to leave. Thus the last CANNON concert takes place to 30.04.1994.

We are in year 1995 and the Band tries to find a new drummer; but because of the quality of the musicians and the difficulty of the CANNON song materials this venture proves to be very difficult. In the beginning of 1996 three AC/DC-tracks are recorded with the Hannoverian drummer Stephan Koch. These demo tracks are to form the basis for an AC/DC tribute program, that CANNON rehearses for the occasion of 10 the year anniversary of Band existence. But everything comes differently. In October 1996 singer Mat Mat-Rein Jaehnke stops singing for private and professional reasons. The band tries to find a new singer, but dissolves then completely, a little later.

Just for fun, Henrik Dlugocz (a friend of Mat Rein Jaehnke) re-mastered the old “Thunder and Lightning” CD. Additionally to it, some other demo-tracks from 1986/87 and a special version of the title-songs “Thunder and Lightning” are re-mastered.  In May 2002 the re-mastered “Thunder and Lightning” version (including revised Cover) is introduced to friends and acquaintance. The reactions are fantastic. Calls after a republication become loud – but how could this be done, CANNON and the disk label does not exist any longer.

At a concert in Hannover the former CANNON fellows Steve Carrington and Mat Rein Jaehnke meet at the end of May. They realize (the first time since 7 years) that the desire of “making music” is still existant. The two decide finally to contact also Walter Mueller and to meet again to talk about old times and so on. At the same time the musicians experience that the original “Thunder and Lightning” LP and CD is sold in the Internet and by Mail-order offerers at high prices as a rare piece.

Not only by that, the musicians (now also with Olli Krueger) discuss, how a CANNON Reunion could look like. The Reunion is perfect in September 2003, and CANNON exists as a Band again. Except drummer Mats Toralf, CANNON exists again in original occupation. Walter Mueller will arrange the drums (apart from his usual guitar job). He is a learned Drummer… Because the band does not want to rest itself on old successes (and also as proof of musical creativity again), the band begins to work immediately on new songs and records these at Steve Carrington’s Home studio. At the same time the Band decides to bring out the old AC/DC Coversongs (of the year 1996) as a MC and to offer it over a web page in future. The MC is called “CANNON plays AC/DC” and appears in December 2003.

The old demos are lumped together and remastered in February 2004. The CANNON Website goes online, too.
In March, the lead-singer of CANNON, Mat Rein Jaehnke, got in contact with POINT-MUSIC in Munich with the help of Gorg Siegl (AOR-HEAVEN). In the end of March, CANNON signes a record-contract for the new Double-CD, which applies for hole Europe. The double-CD consists of “Timeriders” and the ramastered version of “Thunder and Lightning”.

The DCD “The History” will be released in the end of July (take a look in the discography). The double CD gets excellent criticism, nationally and internatonally. Fans from outer Europe, Southamerica (Argentinia and Bolivia), Israel and the USA talked to the band in an most enthusiastical way. Promotion of „The History“ and recording of the reunion CD goes on at the same time. In december, the band signes a europewide record-contract for the new album at POINT-MUSIC in Munich.  All new songs have been finished in January. Next steps before releasing the new album are the final mix and the CD-mastering. The new album is called „Back In Business“ and will be released in June 2005.

Reactions on reunion-album are very good. Reactions of webzines und Fans all over Europe (see press) are excellent. Even 17 years later, people love to listen to CANNON’s stadion-rock-sound in overseas (USA, Canada, Argentina, Brasil). Yes, BIB is a success for CANNON. In fall, the band starts recording a new album. Until November, 20 new songs have been composed and pre-produced. The next cd-release shall be at the end of 2006.

In January, US record label METAL MAYHEM MUSIC offers CANNON to supply all “non-Europe” countries with „Back In Business“. The contract is signed in February and the cd will be offered in March 2006 with a complete redesign of the cover-artwork. There are incredible positive responses from North America (USA and Canada). The bank is also invited to give concerts at American festivals. Unfortunately, this is impossible due to professional responsiblities of the band members in Germany. Recording of the CD which comes after “Back in Business” starts in July. Working titel of the new album is „In Your Face“ and 7 songs are completed in October. Unfortunatley, then recording freezes due to private issues and illness.

Recording will continue in early February 2007. At the same time, the band is seeking a new record label to sell the CD. There are already some offers but the decision will not come befor the end of the year. In October the band signed a record deal with the US label Metal Mayhem Music. The deal include not only the release of the new cd but also the reissue of the first album “Thunder And Lightning”.

The work on the new album is finished in April. The cd will be titled “Metal Style” and is a back to the metal roots of the band. The release is scheduled for August/September. Due to a lot of worldwide requests the band is also thinking about playing live in 2009 (after 16 years).  In early 2012 Cannon was signed by the German record label meantime music, a subdivision of Yesterrock for their new record Burning Love.


– Thunder And Lightning [1988]
– The History [2004]
– Back In Business [2005]
– Metal Style [2008]
– Burning Love [2012]



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