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Country Finland

Style Melodic Hard Rock


When Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen launched his side project Brother Firetribe, I don’t think anyone was expecting an album anywhere near False Metal. A progressive metal album would have been the obvious choice, or perhaps a power metal release. But an old school AOR/melodic rock album straight out of 1985? They take their name from an in-joke as a perfect description for their music is ‘tennis heavy’ and the name of a Finnish former professional tennis player Veli Paloheimo translates into English as ‘Brother Firetribe’.

Their first album “False Metal” was released in 2006, it was later re-issued as “Break Out”. False Metal sounds like a long lost Survivor album. It’s classy and melodic, and crammed full of smooth solos, catchy choruses, keyboards, and plenty of love songs. Heart Full of Fire is the second full-length album from the Finnish rock band Brother Firetribe. It was released by Spinefarm Records in 2008. It was produced and co-engineered by Vuorinen with the whole group having written all the songs except for “Chasing the Angels” which was written by John Lewis Parker (originally written for Mike Reno of Loverboy).

The album’s 11 tracks pulse with the same familiar combination of catchy choruses, muscular guitar riffs, anthemic synthesizer melodies, and sparkling clean production values that original genre purveyors like Journey,REO Speedwagon, and Foreigner (to name but a few) ruled the airwaves with in the early ’80s, but which haven’t really dented the American charts since Giant’s early-’90s attempts.” The song “I Am Rock” was originally recorded for a Finnish TV series called “Pelkkää lihaa”.

We had to wait no less the 5 years for a new BROTHER FIRETRIBE album, but now finally the new opus from these Finnish Melodic Rock wonders – entitled “Diamond In The Firepit”, an unbroken string of 11 hits with glistening choruses, heavenly harmonies and a bright glossy production, like a mix between the good old Bad English and the earlier Treat.

Brother Firetribe — the five-strong outfit fueled by class compositions and top-of-the-line musicianship, the latter underpinned by the signature style of Nightwish guitarist, Emppu Vuorinen — release their fourth full-length album Sunbound via Spinefarm Records. Featuring 12 new pieces of music, including lead track “Taste of a Champion,” plus follow-up single/video for “Indelible Heroes,”, Sunbound has been mixed by Finnish studio-meister Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Children Of Bodom,Stratovarius).  “Taste of a Champion” — recently used as the theme for a major Finnish advertising campaign — packs all of the above qualities into an epic three-and-a-half minutes of Rocky soundtrack-style delight, setting the tone for an album that stands as the perfect antidote to long, lonely winter nights under the duvet.

– False Metal [2006]
– Heart Full Of Fire [2008]
– Diamond In The Firepit [2014]
– Sunbound [2017]

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