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Country Finland

Style Hard Rock/Melodic Rock/Pop/Rock

Boycott is a Finnish rock band set in English in 1987, featured by the songwriter Tommi Läntinen and guitarist Hombre Lampinen. The band’s music has been called the classic rock, but in the early 90s their style began to resemble more pop music. Boycott stopped working in the early 1990’s, after which Läntinen began his solo career. Boycott was in 1992 in Pori Jazze. Boycott made their return in 2007. The most popular hit song is “Gotta Rock”. Also ​​”My Sharona” and “Roadrunner” are successful hits.

With their return in 2007, Boycott released new material after a 15-year break. A new single, Graham Parker’s -cover “Do not Ask Me Questions” was distributed to radio stations. The next single, “Keep Things Alright,” was released in autumn 2007. On September 26th, a collection released featured Boycott’s biggest hits, as well as the new tracks mentioned above.

Boycott has been playing fairly occasionally in the 21st century: Down By The Pier in Turku on 26 July 2006, Tavastia Club in Helsinki on 9 August 2006, Kokkola on 30 June 2007, Down By The Pier on July 25, 2007, from Turku to Isabella on October 5-18. 2007 and 28-29 March 2008, at the Apollo Live Club in Helsinki on 2 April 2008 and at Lohja Beach Clubs on July 12, 2008.

In 2017, it is about 30 years since the band’s birth, and Boycott releases a new studio album, activated for gigs, and the first single “Still I Rise” was released on March 3rd. Another single “Partners in Crime” was released on May 12 and the third single “Thunder” was released on September 22nd. The new studio album is produced by Okko Laru. In May 2016, suddenly dead band guitarist Hombre Lampinen is not involved with the band’s return. Boycott’s new studio album, “The Mighty”, was released on October 20, 2017. The release of the album was celebrated with a record label G Livelab in Helsinki.

– Boycott [1987]
– No! [1988]
– Lightning Strikes Back! [1990]
– Red [1992]
– The Mighty [2017]

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