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Country Spain

Style Hard Rock/Metal

tyjtyukyuFormed as Piel Metal in 1981, they changed their name in 1983. The whole idea started from bassist Jose Maria San Segundo and guitarist Tony Acebes, a legend in Madrid rock scene playing with bands like Union Pacific, Nu and metal Skin. The two of them decided to form group different from the ones that were in those moments. The band joined Manolo Arias on the guitar that came from the group Hierba, the legendary drummer Enrique Ballesteros of Banzai, Nu and Crater among others and the first singer of the band Elias.

The band moved into glam/hard rock paths at that moment and considered as one the best in Spain that period. Te start to make concerts in Madrid gain lots of fame. Shortly after the first line-up change happened. Vocalist Elias replaced by Tony Cuevas from Tora Tora and Animal Fury, because Elias not giving the image that the group wanted.

With that formation the band in 1984 released their self-titled debut album recorded in the studio MC of Madrid. The album produced by the band and Mario Del Castillo for Feroz Records. The album released in a thousand copies and released in CD from Avispa in 2000. It is an album characteristic of the first line of the group. Strong compositions, well controlled instrumentally and a very promising singer. The album has memorable tunes like “Un Puntapié en el Trasero”, “No Fuiste Capaz” and “El Rey Del Juego”.

In January 1986 the band entered the Audiofilm Studios to record the album “Lista Para Matar” that today is for many people the best record of the band. Like their first album they produce again their second album with the collaboration of Manolo Velazquez, while they released a maxi of four songs that were recorded in the Canciller a few months before. In this album the formation of the group after so many changes consist by Pancho Martin in vocals, La Bestia on drums, Pepe Rubio on guitars and vocals, bassist Jose Maria San Segundo and Tony Acebes on guitars. The band in this album cover the song “Fox on the Run” from Sweet while songs like “Bella Bestia”, “Ardiendo en la Noche” and the ballad “Háblame” , all composed by Tony Acebes raise the fame of the band.a-3090562-1418201588-1521

They start tour around Madrid making sold out in all gigs they took part. By then Santi (La Bestia) leaves the band replaced by Lamberto, although the people continue calling him La Bestia. Undoubtedly were the best moments of the group playing in festival and gain airplay. In 1988 the record company rushed them to record a new album. They had some finished songs but not much for a full length album while during that period guitarist Pepe Rubio left the band due to the band’s musical philosophy. The band working as a quartet now, go into the studio to record what was the Bella Bestia’s third and last album.

Recorded between January and February 1988 titled “¡No, Cariño, No!”, the formation of the band was Pancho on vocals, Jose Maria San Segundo on bass duties, Tony Acebes on guitars and drummer Lamberto. Unfortunately the rush to release the album did not have the expected acceptance and also there is no promotion by the company. At that time the rock was already in decline and one of the founders of the band, Tony Acebes left the band.

Years later in 1996 they reunited with a new guitar player and they play in several gigs till December 1997. That month, Jose Luis Saiz and Jose Maria Sansegundo decided to keep on with Bella Bestia and recruiting Javier Kiercheben and Antonio Alcoba. In 1998 the band joined Ivan Urbistondo recorded a demo while the band changed their name to Beethoven R, as their new moniker.

In May 2004 Bella Bestia reunited again at Vina Rock Festival and 2008 for Leyendas Del Rock. The band try to reunited once more a year later for some live gigs with Tony Cuevas, Manolo Arias, Enrique Ballesteros, Javier Kierchebén and José María Sansegundo but failed and Cuevas among Sansegundo formed a new band called P.M. In 2011 the band reunited again for a tour. In 2013 the band released their fourth album titled “Violando La Ley”. The band consist by Cesar Ortiz on vocals, Pepe Mari on bass, guitarists Cachorroa and Angel Funes and Mario on drums.

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– Bella Bestia [1984]
– Lista Para Matar [1986]
– ¡No, Cariño, No! [1988]
– Violando La Ley [2013]


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