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Style Melodic Rock/AOR


home in 1978. Brothers Joe and Larry had been playing drums and guitar, respectively, and decided to form a band with neighborhood friend guitarist/singer Anthony Covino and Larry’s schoolmate Sal Gaudio, who played bass. They called themselves Satellite, and quickly established a large local following. After three years of playing together, the band went through some personnel changes, first when Sal left and was replaced by Paul Vassa.

Joe and Anthony shared the lead vocals with Larry adding a third-part harmony, and now playing keyboards as well. As Joe’s vocal range continued to get stronger, the band decided to add drummer Damian Barker, giving Joe the opportunity to come out from behind the drums and become Satellite’s front-man.

The experiment was very short lived, however, as Barker left the band due to personal reasons, and Joe returned to his comfort zone behind the drum kit. Not long after, Paul was replaced by Glen Braver, and with Larry more focused on his guitar playing, added keyboardist Maria Saracino. This latest installment of Satellite started branching out into upper New York and New Jersey, increasing their fan base. Then in July of 1986, Covino left the band, and Satellite came to a halt.

During this time, guitarist/singer Rick Haller was enjoying some local success with his band Brandywine, which also featured Kevin Hawkins, now of Quickdraw. After a few years, Rick decided Brandywine wasn’t a right fit for him and started to look elsewhere. He started jamming with high school friend, bass player Bob Egan. Shortly after, Rick and Bob met Larry in a college chemistry class, and instantly became friends. Larry invited Rick to come see Satellite perform one night, and Rick liked what he saw.

In January 1988, Larry asked Rick and Bob to join him and Joe, and Fourcast was born. Fourcast continued to please crowds on Long Island with their impressive versions of cover tunes, all the while writing their own music on the side. After two years of playing covers, the band felt their original compositions were ready. They changed their name to Meridian and released a 4 song EP. The pieces were starting to fall into place.


With the focus now on their original music, the band felt some tweaking still needed to be done. Looking to add another dimension to the music, the band added guitar player Frank Saliba, who answered an ad the band had placed. Surprising, Frank had already known Joe and Rick through a softball team. As Larry and Frank’s guitar playing became the backbone of the music, Larry no longer could play keys. It was time for the band to find a full-time keyboardist. Joe, while drums were still his preference, decided to take up the keyboard duties, and Bob introduced drummer Chris “Pez” Lopez to the band. Everyone was so impressed with Pez’s playing, he was immediately added to the line-up. The only thing missing now was a name. After much deliberation and a few cases of beer, Band Central Station had finally arrived.

Though they never got signed to a major label, they were featured on WBAB’s “Homegrown” and LI’s News12; interviewed with international music magazines Strutterzine, Heart of the Rock and Angel Fire; and showcased for Atlantic Records. In 1993, Band Central Station made it to the finals in the inaugural year of the Long Island Music Festival.

BCS won fans over with their melodious harmonies and catchy guitar riffs. Their music ranged from the power ballad (You Never Said Goodbye) to the hard rocker (Dangerous), and drew comparisons to Boston, Journey, and Poison. Unfortunately, the turn of the 90’s saw edgier, louder bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots take flight, leaving little room for the pop-metal sound of the ’80s groups to survive the decade more or less intact. 

With the rock scene changing and moving into a totally different direction, BCS called it quits in 1993. The band did get back together in 2000 to finalize the recording of their only CD, “Now Arriving.” Some of the band members still get together today to play for family and friends, and to remember some fond times.



– Now Arriving [2002]

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