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Country USA

Style Sleaze Glam

Bad Candy , the hard rock band out of St. Louis, Missouri was originally formed in 1990 by Kevin Hauk and Troy Heigl, who had both been writing original material together since 1989. In June of 1990 they hooked up with drummer Tim McKee and shortly after aquired Dave DeGeare for vocals and Nikki Sottile for bass.

The band was together a couple of months and decided to make a low cost demo of “original” songs. In comes Jeff Mueller to record the band , as he had great knowledge and experience of recording since doing so with his own band “Dirty Trixx”. Jeff was a vocalist himself and was without a band , and really took a liking to the vibe going on, and made it clear if Bad Candy ever needed a vocalist, that he would be available. Shortly after, the band decided to part ways with Dave and recruit Jeff into the band. From that point on, the bands progress went full speed ahead. Bad Candy made their live debut at now defunct local rock club “Brians Rock and Metal cafe” in December 1990.

A week later due to musical differences, Tim McKee left the band. A month later the band enlisted Ryan White, who had recently left St. Louis local band ” Plain Jane”. The addition of Ryan brought about a new attitude and a new sound to the band. Playing local clubs in the St. Louis area, Bad Candy’s following was growing. In April of 1991, they recorded their debut demo release”Welcome to the Party” in Memphis , Tenn. Danny Jones, a well known producer, musician, and recording engineer,used his expertise to put the Bad Candy sound on tape.

“Welcome to the Party” was released on June 1st, 1991 at a tape release party held at Brians Rock and Metal cafe. The show was a great success , having one of the largest turnouts in the clubs history. In Sept , 1991 Travis Foley Replaced Nikki on bass. The band went strong till 1992 when Jeff left the band , and shortly thereafter, Troy took over the lead vocals and the band changed the name to “Beggars Playground”.

– Welcome To The Party [1991]
– Welcome Back To The Party [2008]


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