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Country Norway

Style Hard Rock


The band was formed in 2002 by Toschie (formerly in Sylvia Wane), Thomas Tofthagen (Sahg), Arve Isdal aka Ice Dale (Enslaved, Bourbon Flame ao), Kjetil Greve (Deride), Tom Cato Visnes aka King (Gorgoroth, God Seed, Sahg,King Ov Hell) and Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved).

Although some (most) of the members were known from more extreme, progressive or black metal bands, Audrey Horne was to become a more melodic hard classic rock band

Leading up to the band’s first album they released the 4-track EP Confessions & Alcohol. The title song from the EP was the single from the upcoming album while the rest of the songs are only found on this EP. The song “Halo” later resurfaced as a live song on some Audrey Horne concerts in 2009.

The band’s debut album No Hay Banda was released in April 2005. Recorded at Earshot Studio in Bergen (Norway) it was an Audrey Horne/Joe Barresi co-production and mixed by Joe Barresi at Bay7 Studios in Los Angeles (USA).

The album received generally good reviews and also won them a Norwegian Grammy Award in the Best Metal Act category in 2006. Due to unfortunate circumstances concerning management and booking they didn’t get as many gigs as they wanted, although the reception from the audience were very good. They mostly toured the club scene in Norway and played at the 2005 Quart Festival as a warmup act for Audioslave.

In 2007 Herbrand Larsen (keyboards) and Tom Cato Visnes left the band. Tom Cato to put more effort into Gorgoroth and Sahg, Herbrand Larsen because he needed more time at his job as a primary school teacher and playing with Enslaved. Herbrand has continued to work with the band in the studio both as a keyboard player and producer/engineer.

In August 2007 Audrey Horne released their second album Le Fol on Indie Recordings, produced by Ice Dale (Arve Isdal) mixed/co-produced by Herbrand Larsen. Once again recorded at Earshot Studio in Bergen. The band wanted to work with Joe Barresi for this album too but his busy schedule would have postponed the record by at least six months so the band decided to go ahead on their own.

Produced by Ice Dale and co-produced and mixed by Herbrand Larsen, who also played all keyboards on the album, it became an all in-house production. Le Folreceived good reviews in both Norwegian and international press and earned Audrey Horne their second Norwegian Grammy Award nomination in the Best Metal Act category in 2008.

This time management and booking was in order and the band progressed from playing mainly club gigs in Norway to playing clubs and festivals in Norway and Europe and at the end of 2008 they went on a European Tour with Enslaved and Krakow playing no less than 40 gigs in a month and a half starting November 6 in Copenhagen (Denmark) and ending in Bergen (Norway) on December 20. The tour visited Denmark, Germany, Belgium, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Rep., Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden before the final gigs in Norway. The grueling schedule took its toll on Toschie’s voice to the point where he could hardly sing at the end and caused him to stop smoking. He hasn’t started again since.


In September 2009 the band once again teamed up with Joe Barresi at his JHOC studio (Joe’s House of Compression) in Los Angeles to record their third album to be titled Audrey Horne, again on Indie Recordings. Release is set for late February/early March 2010. Joe Barresi is the producer/mixer/engineer on the album.

Drums, guitars and vocals were recorded at JHOC before the band returned to Bergen and Earshot & Conclave Studio (Earshot Studio moved to new locations and expanded, hence the name change), to record bass, keyboards and additional vocal and guitar tracks. All was sent to Joe Barresi and mixed at JHOC. Espen Lien (Barbie Bones, Slut Machine, Trinacria) plays bass and Herbrand Larsen and Eyolf Nysæther plays keyboards.

2013 the band released a new album, their fourth titled “Youngblood is the first album of the outfit that fully capitalizes on their consummate skills as both musicians and songwriters. The new album has turned out to be an inspired record that sounds much more like a fitting tribute than a caricature. The album’s individuality is enhanced by a decidedly modern production which, along with adventurous transitions, propels every song.

‘Youngblood’ is without doubt a classic-sounding record but, perversely, it’s also rooted in the here and now. Much of the credit for this unlikely statement lies with its producer. Whereas ‘Audrey Horne’ album was helmed by Joe Barresi, the vastly experienced American whose credits include such heavyweights as Queens Of The Stone Age, Tool, Coheed And Cambria, The Melvins and Clutch, for their new album Audrey Horne turned to a fellow Norwegian known professionally as Magnet – a singer/songwriter whose work is often likened to Gram Parsons, Tim Buckley and even Coldplay. 

Pure Heavy released in 2014 doesn’t fuck with the winning formula and plays like a continuation of Youngblood, fusing 70s rock with modern ideas and always with a wicked ear for masterful melody and unforgettable choruses. It’s another world beating party platter from a band that seems incapable of doing wrong, and every single American rock band must step aside and bow their heads in shame.

No Hay Banda Le Fol Audrey Horne Youngblood Pure Heavy

– No Hay Banda [2005]
– Le Fol [2007]
– Audrey Horne [2010]
– Youngblood [2013]
– Pure Heavy [2014]

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